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Peter Terren

AKA "Dr Electric" - high voltage enthusiast and Tesla coil artist of questionable sanity.

High voltage enthusiast with international media exposure.I only post only my original material (no reshares etc). Currently over 1000 photos from over 600 posts.You won't see this stuff anywhere else. Judge for yourself.

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Recent Popular Posts
About 4 weeks ago Twin Plasmatronic Tesla coils. These are DRSSTC's (double resonant solid state Tesla coils) and can be modulated to play harsh but impressive music. 
About 7 weeks ago Resistance is futile
About 11 weeks ago Just a little ZVS supply with mostly microwave parts including ferrite transformer MOSFETs (I think), heatsinks and inductor. Puts out a nice 2kV.
About 10 weeks ago Do I look crazy enough?
At Flickerfest which is a short film festival. They used a TV segment about me as one of the shorts. I did a bit of a demo in the foyer.
Here I have my Dr Electric persona complete with mo' and bad hair.
Dashed up a sign and got it printed and laminated. My photo storage program (ACD17) does sepia and text. This is as uncomfortably close to photoshop as I get, folks.
It is crying out for some steampunk accessories.

About 7 weeks ago The Marinov motor is a strange device with power applied to ball bearing supports. The current passes through one bearing into the axle and out the other bearing. Here I am pumping 165A into it giving 1223 RPM. (The flash has frozen the rotation). It runs on AC or DC and heats up rapidly eventually leading to sparks.
The question is how it works. It used to be thought that the bearing was riding a small wave of bulging heated metal. It has now been proven that it is a magnetic force that causes it. No, I don't understand it. Hey, I just make the stuff.
About 8 weeks ago What is this? Ridiculous answers please. Be creative...
This is a 6 second long exposure taken while testing for another effect. The ladder was used to adjust a suspended Tesla coil. It is exactly what the camera sees during the 6 seconds and I never use photoshop.

About 1 week ago +Michael Terren   has been making some progress on the programming side for the DRSSTC's to allow alternate notes to go to each Tesla coil and hence 4 note midi polyphony. 
The nifty little program will also run on my ancient Win XP computer allowing me to run midi when I don't have full access to his Mac trickery. Hopefully Michael will chime in here with some details.
About 8 weeks ago A homopolar motor can be made with a circular NIB magnet, a piece of wire, a woodscrew and a battery. Goes surprisingly fast - in fact 5889 RPM.
About 5 days ago Tesla coil sparks.
In the absence of a background (bush and night sky) you have little to give a sense of size or orientation. In fact this is from the same Tesla coil as here from a previous post.
The sparks are 2-3 feet long and the whole thing is about 10 feet across and about 10 feet in the air so you are looking from under it (not above as the eye intuitively sees). It is a 10 second exposure or so and viewed through a rotating colour filter.
The "C" shaped sparks are due to the initial strike remaining as a conductive channel while the two ends rotate away until it eventually breaks and the spark re-strikes a a new place.
It is not photoshopped (ever) and is what the camera sees during the long exposure.
The mechanical setup is of a rotating rod with a spark gap in it. You can't see the mechanicals as they are not well lit and blur out during the exposure.
It was filmed in the development of a project
About 7 weeks ago Wow. On Google within minutes of posting.
Hard to bump Wikipedia though.
This is the post referred to a little while ago.