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AKA "Dr Electric" - high voltage enthusiast and Tesla coil artist of questionable sanity.

High voltage enthusiast with international media exposure.I only post only my original material (no reshares etc). Currently over 1000 photos from over 600 posts.You won't see this stuff anywhere else. Judge for yourself.

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About 11 weeks ago Wait a moment. There is something fishy about Tesla's famous photo of his wireless electric globe...
Why is the cuff of his right sleeve not lit up?
Answer: because it is not the light source for the photo despite what it purports to be. There was probably a magnesium flash lighting him off to the left of the photo and the globe cast a shadow. It may not have even been lit at all by a nearby running Tesla coil. Even if the globe was lit, it would have been faint compared to a flash.
So photo manipulation was alive and well even in Tesla's day.

(It pains me to post a photo that is not my own by for Nikola Tesla I make an exception - once)

About 4 weeks ago I have a 25 kHz 4 kV supply. The sparks are quiet and stable and the space between electrodes is about 1cm. In a slight breeze they follow the ionised path and form an almost sheet like spark.
Notice also the surface effects where the spark touches the metal.
About 11 weeks ago Small Tesla coil sparks onto bitumen.
I shot this as an incidental part of a larger project.
About 1 week ago For tonight's fun I did just a little more coloured steel wool twirling...
That's me in the middle.
No photoshopping. This is just how the camera sees it. Did anyone work out how I did this last time?

About 6 weeks ago This big Bardy grub moth flew in to my patio attracted by my work lights. She was happy to transfer from the rafter to a finger of my left hand so I could take snaps with my right. After the shoot I put it on some wood while I changed cameras for a second session.  About an hour later she flew off. The 6 inch wingspan makes a sound like a helicopter on a quiet night. A magnificent creature.
About 7 weeks ago Open Day for April 2014
My first in 4 years. This is an invitation only event at my place with perhaps 10 people from G+. I have a number restriction due to space limitations and vantage points in the different display arenas. The Physics Dept from UWA in Perth will be helping out. Preference give to those with an electrical/physics or special interest background. Or willingness and background to man one of the displays for an hour or so.
Travel time means that you would have to live in Perth (2h drive) or local around Bunbury.  I'm not sure that there are that many on G+ from that area but we'll see.  Other interest groups like the Tesla forum, science teachers and selected students, Gravity Discovery Center, Scitech, workmates and family friends make up some of the others.

My invitation blurb:

"See the Big Tesla coil in action with 2-3 meter sparks.  This is the one on the front page of my website.  Popular on the internet in the recent years with world first eff
About 4 weeks ago Now this made me go "WOW".  A 1 watt laser with a crossed diffraction pattern (or hologram). It looks like it's photoshopped on. It isn't.
Exposures are 2.5 secs. In complete darkness, it is quite disorienting.
Perhaps 2000 dots all within the legal limit.

About 3 weeks ago First light (and sound) from my newly arrived DRSSTC electronic musical Tesla coil.  Tested here with a midi keyboard.  Capable of 4 foot sparks standard from this 3 foot tall coil. Just in time for the Open day. For full testing tomorrow. 
There is a second one coming soon too.
About 7 weeks ago Radioactive element time:
Neptunium. You probably have some in your home.
Neptunium-237 is a breakdown product of americium 241 which is found in many smoke detectors. Check yours out by opening it up as if to change the battery and you should see the radioactive warning sign.
The photo is of the americium source from a smoke detector on my Geiger counter. Since I took this picture in 2006 the 1 microcurie of americium (around 0.28 microgram) has had 1.2% decay resulting in 3.3 ng production of neptunium.
The Geiger count should have dropped from 80,180 to 79,157 CPM.
americium half life is 432.2 years and it decays into neptunium 237 with half life 2.14 million years.
Be careful, about 60kg is critically fissionable ie a bomb.

About 6 weeks ago I made up a display cabinet so I can show interesting things that are fragile or shouldn't be touched.
One half shows radioactive items and curiosities with a dozen radioactive specimens on a platter. The platter rotates to place each specimen in front of the Geiger counter and read on the laptop display.
The UV display half of the display has a 10W UV LED array and lights up various items that fluoresce under UV. It is not fully populated yet and needs to integrate a UV  Laser. It also has a few odd items, like tectites and fulgurite.
I have built the base with perforated board so I can just use self tapping screws to keep things solidly fastened from the top without leaving messy holes  when I make the inevitable changes. Like a poor man's optical table.
There are integral cooling fans  and a shelf behind the unit for cables, power supplies and storage. There is wiring to the front panel for interactivity.
Just trying to get things ready for my Open day.