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Super-fast, easy to use and free, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktops, netbooks and servers around the world. Ubuntu does everything you need it to. It'll work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players. And it comes with thousands of free apps.

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About 13 weeks ago Today we release Ubuntu 14.04 - come and join the release party in #ubuntu-release-party on the freenode IRC network to meet other Ubuntu fans getting fired up for the release! #ubuntu  
About 5 weeks ago We've reached a major milestone this week, just months before the first phones start to ship with Ubuntu and we're already had more than 10,000 users who have tried out the beta versions on their own devices!
About 13 weeks ago Ubuntu local communities around the globe will soon be celebrating the release of Ubuntu 14.04, the Trusty Tahr!  At the link below you can find out about release parties near you, and if there isn't one you can register your own. Be sure to post about your events and upload pictures to share with the rest of the community.
About 5 weeks ago Thanks +Ubuntu for my Ubuntu Pioneer T-shirt ;)
About 2 weeks ago We've reached another major milestone in the growth of the Ubuntu phone platform, with over 100,000 app downloads since we started keeping track.

If you haven't already, now's the time to get started developing for Ubuntu, go here to get started:

About 6 weeks ago A special keynote session with Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth will begin in just over 30 minutes, use the link below to watch the video and join the conversation.

About 11 weeks ago Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, has written and released a free, short, and simple to read book for how to handle challenging and anti-social people and feedback. Unfortunately, this affects many people in Open Source communities, so the book may be helpful - see for how to download it, read it online, or get it for your Kindle.
About 6 weeks ago Ubuntu Online Summit 14.06 is starting now!  Come and join us!

About 1 week ago The weekly Ubuntu Community Team Q&A is starting in 15 minutes at - join us and ask your questions!
About 9 weeks ago Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, is stepping down at the end of May and moving to XPRIZE as Senior Director of Community - see for the details!