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About 6 weeks ago Our ebook Deal of the Day: Introducing Python: Modern computing in simple packages - $11.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL

Introducing Python
Modern computing in simple packages

With Introducing Python, Bill Lubanovic brings years of knowledge as a programmer, system administrator, and author to a book of impressive depth that’s fun to read and simple enough for non-programmers to use. Along with providing a strong foundation in the language itself, Lubanovic shows you how to use Python for a range of applications in business, science, and the arts, drawing on the rich collection of open source packages developed by Python fans.
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About 10 weeks ago "In a country where we expect free WI-FI with our coffee, we should have it in schools." 
The White House
Through a partnership with +Safari Books Online , O’Reilly Media will commit to making educational content and tools such as technology books and publications available, for free, to every school in America. This commitment can provide students at a range of grade levels with the technological skills they need to be prepared in a globalized, digital economy. Read more about the #ConnectED  Initiative
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About 10 weeks ago What The Tech?: LiquiGlide Will Likely Set Industry Standards
The invention helps get all of the ketchup out of the bottle, and will one day be used in medical devices.

+Boston Magazine reports:

Dave Smith, the founder and CEO of LiquiGlide, a coating that allows liquid substances and foods to slide seamlessly from the insides of containers and onto a person’s desired surface, believes his novel concept—which would solve an often frustrating conundrum—will become standard-issue for most household products and goods within the next few years.

“There could be [LiquiGlide] applications across all industries,” he said confidently, without revealing the grand scheme for the Kendall Square-based company.
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About 7 weeks ago 23 years of Python

Our Deal of the Day Celebrate 23 Years of Python - Save 50% on all Python Ebooks

Save 50% – Deal of the Day
Celebrate 23 Years of Python

Twenty-three years after its creation, Python is still the tool you reach for when you need to get the job done. Python can tackle important jobs with ease: data analysis, web development, penetration testing, and more. And it keeps getting better.

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About 9 weeks ago Ex-Google engineer and ex-Apple designer teamed up and developed the Play-I robot. It teaches children from the age of 5 computer coding through play
About 5 weeks ago What’s your favorite frame work?

Event-driven application design with JavaScript
Look beyond jQuery to an MV* approach

Patrick Mulder walks you through some examples.
#Jquery   #Frameworks   #backbonejs   #Javascript   #MVC  

About 9 weeks ago The Yunirapitto III Japanese printer
printed with resin and laser techniques

Some incredible tiny 3D printed items were posted on in September 2013.  If anyone has similar very small 3D printed objects, feel free to share in the comments.  And thanks to Larry, Engineer-in-training. We hope your training is progressing well.
#3dprinting   #MicroPhotogrpahy  

About 13 weeks ago The command line and text editors retain their charm
About 14 weeks ago The Machine Learning Starter Kit

For a limited time, SAVE 50% on these titles with discount code: MLKIT
Or, buy them all for just $137.99 (60% savings):

About 4 weeks ago Wearing the future - Current wearable computing technology is just scratching the surface — the really interesting tech has yet to be invented.

In an interview at SXSW, Google’s Sundar Pichai said something about wearables that I’ve been waiting to hear. Wearables aren’t about Google Glass; they aren’t about smart watches; they’re much, much more, and these technologies are only scratching the surface.

I’ve tweaked Apple a couple of times for their inability to deliver a watch, despite years of leaks and rumors. I suspect that products from competitors have forced them to pivot a few times, rethinking and delaying their product. But the bottom line is that I don’t care; I don’t wear a watch, haven’t for a long time, and I’m not about to start. Just not interested.

I’m more interested in Glass, but I’ve been amazed at how few people are listening to what Google has said about it: it’s an experiment. It’s not the endpoint, not the product. Given the excit