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The monthly debate series on YouTube from Intelligence Squared and made possible by Google+.

Versus is the live, online and global debate series from the world's leading forum for debate, Intelligence squared. We bring world experts to the fray to tackle the most divisive topics of our time: from drone warfare and the right to bear arms, to hip hop and the war on drugs. Uniquely, Versus is built around the premise that you, the audience, should be able to join the discussion from wherever you are in the world. With speakers taking part live in London and beamed in via Google+ Hangout, we are generating a global conversation, with thousands of viewers watching online via YouTube and

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About 12 weeks ago Was the Associated Press right to fire award-winning photographer who photoshopped Syria photo?

Absolutely, argues the Guardian, following news that Narciso Contreras, the award winning photographer, edited out another photographer's camera from a shot: 'major wire agencies and their clients rely on their images being totally authentic'. Do you agree? 

About 12 weeks ago The Sochi Olympics according to... the Western media

If the recent deluge of reports from US and UK news outlets are accurate, any Brit or American travelling to the Sochi games take their lives in their own hands. Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, has even called the Sochi security threat ‘the greatest he has ever seen’. However, Russian officials look pretty confident and keep saying that Sochi is the safest place this winter Is the western media's coverage heavy handed? Or are they just stating the facts? Tell us what you think

About 9 weeks ago Is foreign intervention ever the answer? 

Every Friday +Intelligence Squared post a new podcast free to download and listen to. This week, check out their debate, "Let the Bad Guys Be: The Perils of Foreign Intervention", with Rory Stewart and David Aaronovitch Where do you stand?

About 13 weeks ago Should we fear mass immigration? 

Does mass immigration boost our economy and cultural richness or undermine them? Listen to Nigel Farage square up to Ken Livingstone in this +Intelligence Squared debate “Let Them Come: We Have Nothing to Fear From High Levels of Immigration” from October 2013 Tell us what you think!

About 12 weeks ago Sochi Olympics according to... the Russian media

Unprecedented levels of security are being implemented around Sochi, the host city of 2014 Winter Olympics, with some 37,000 staff on combat alert. However, according to the latest poll conducted by +RT  the Kremlin-funded TV channel, 48% of people are looking forward to a high-class sporting event but less than a third expect security troubles. Are the Russian people right to trust in their security forces? Tell us what you think!