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Intelligence Squared

The monthly debate series on YouTube from Intelligence Squared and made possible by Google+.

Versus is the live, online and global debate series from the world's leading forum for debate, Intelligence squared. We bring world experts to the fray to tackle the most divisive topics of our time: from drone warfare and the right to bear arms, to hip hop and the war on drugs. Uniquely, Versus is built around the premise that you, the audience, should be able to join the discussion from wherever you are in the world. With speakers taking part live in London and beamed in via Google+ Hangout, we are generating a global conversation, with thousands of viewers watching online via YouTube and

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About 12 weeks ago Introducing: Our new debate...and a new look

We're delighted to announce that tomorrow night we'll be hosting a debate on the future of journalism with +ITV News. It's called "Smartphone journalism: the changing face of news" and we'll have a selection of the worlds' leading journalists and commentators holding forth, including Will Self and Paul Conroy. The debate will be streamed live on this page from 6.45pm (UK time) - we hope you can tune in. 

Important announcement number two: we’re changing our page name to Intelligence Squared. 

Since 2011 the Versus events have been an important part of Intelligence Squared's work, with fantastic debates on Hip Hop, the War on Drugs and drones to name a few. The Versus format has worked brilliantly for bringing world experts together on the most provocative  and important topics of the day, and we’ll continue to use it. But to ensure that we can focus all our attention on one page rather than two, and
About 12 weeks ago Is citizen journalism a threat to traditional news reporting?

Or is it a complement? Tonight at 6.45pm (UK time) we’ll be debating so-called ‘smartphone journalism' and how it’s changing the face of news with panel of leading journalists and experts including Will Self, Jessica Mayberry and Simon Ostrovsky If you have any questions for our panel, write them in the comment box and we’ll put the best to our speakers during the debate #iq2news


Join our panel of experts as they debate whether citizen journalism is a threat or complement to news today in this special event with +Itvnews. Watch it live here Smartphone Journalism: The Changing Face of News  #iq2news

About 11 weeks ago New video: "Smartphone journalism: the changing face of news"

Watch last week's debate with +ITV News featuring Will Self, Claire Fox and Paul Conroy #iq2news