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Robert Beideman

Windmillchaser Photography

All too often, we're surrounded by the day-to-day of our daily lives. least once in a while...we each escape this to reconnect with the real world that we live in...the world of mountains, oceans, fire, and fresh air.
And, even more rarely, these escapes lead us to a moment...a particular place and time...where the majesty of the natural world around us comes together in a way that leaves us completely awestruck.

If, at those moments, we're fortunate enough to have a camera with's most common to come away with images of that moment that scarcely reflect the magnitude of what was actually seen with our own eyes. We certainly try...but the images typically captured are but pointers for the brain to remember what was experienced in vivid color...and such images are only useful to those who have actually lived the particular experience.

I strive to capture images that can convey such intense moments of beauty to those who hadn't the chance to experience the

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