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About 1 week ago There is a vast and dark universe that we can't see and don't know at all.
About 5 weeks ago Myanmar's Persecuted Minority

The Times's +Nicholas Kristof  and Adam B. Ellick travel to Myanmar, where the Buddhist majority confines a million Muslims to camps and villages--deprived of jobs, schools, doctors and even life itself. Why is the world silent?

Join the discussion here:

About 6 weeks ago A tattoo parlor in Maryland has become an unlikely destination for breast cancer survivors.
About 2 days ago Wreckage Offers Clues on Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Went Down

Photographs of a piece of wreckage found by two reporters for The New York Times and analyzed by Reed Foster, a defense analyst with IHS Jane’s, offers some clues about what could have caused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to crash. While it is impossible from the photographs to determine that a specific missile was used, Mr. Foster said, the damage is consistent with the effects of a fragmentary warhead carried by an SA-11, the type of missile that American officials have said was most likely behind the attack. 

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About 12 weeks ago Bob Hoskins, British Actor, Dies at 71

Bob Hoskins, the bullet-shaped British film star who brought a singular mix of charm, menace and Cockney accent to a variety of roles, including the bemused, live-action hero of the largely animated “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” has died at 71.

Mr. Hoskins, who had virtually stumbled into acting, found early acclaim as the kind of ruthless British gangster he played in 1980 in his startling breakthrough feature, “The Long Good Friday” and later in Neil Jordan’s 1986 film “Mona Lisa,” which earned him an Academy Award nomination for best actor. But his filmography also included more playful roles. He was the pirate Smee in two variations of “Peter Pan” — Steven Spielberg’s 1991 “Hook” and the 2011 British TV production “Neverland.” He played Cher’s unlikely love match in “Mermaids” (1990). And he voiced Charles Dickens’s Old Fezziwig in the 2009 animated version of “A Christmas Carol,” directed by Robert Zemeckis.

About 6 days ago Leading AIDS Researcher Killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash

Dr. Joep Lange, a leading AIDS researcher, is presumed dead in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was apparently shot down over Ukraine, according to a statement issued on Friday by the University of Amsterdam, where he was a professor of medicine.

He was among “a number” of AIDS researchers, health officials and activists thought to have been aboard the flight, the International AIDS Society said Friday. They were en route to the International AIDS Conference, scheduled to begin Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. He was accompanied by his longtime companion, Jacqueline van Tongeren.

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About 6 days ago Malaysia Jet Brought Down by Missile, U.S. Officials Say

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 295 people aboard was shot down on Thursday by a surface-to-air missile, U.S. officials have confirmed. The airliner was traveling at about 30,000 feet, according to the tracking information from a military spy satellite. The satellite, however, was unable to detect where exactly the missile was fired.

Military and intelligence analysts are using mathematical formulas, high-speed computers and other sensors to try to pin down the missile’s point of origin. Other analysts will work with Ukrainian authorities to recover and analyze pieces of the missile and the aircraft to help determine what kind of missile was fired, the officials said.

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About 7 weeks ago Looking back at Challenger and Columbia, and what they tell us about the nature of calamity. 
About 6 days ago Obama Says Plane Was Shot Down From Rebel-Held Ukraine Area

President Obama said Friday that the United States believed that a Malaysian jetliner was shot down by surface-to-air missiles from an area inside Ukraine that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists.

In remarks at the White House, Mr. Obama said the nearly 300 lives taken in the plane crash were an “outrage of unspeakable proportions” and a “global tragedy.” He vowed to investigate exactly what happened to end the lives of “men, women, children, infants who had nothing to do with the crisis” in that region.

“We are going to make sure the truth is out,” Mr. Obama said.

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About 1 week ago Malaysia Airlines Jet Missing Over Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines reported Thursday it had lost contact with a flight bound from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukraine.

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