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Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Computer book publisher, conference producer, internet activist.  Involved in open source, open standards, web 2.0, and open government. Current interests: "gov 2.0", sensors and collective intelligence applications based on them, DIY, shaping how people think about emerging technologies. I also spend a lot of time encouraging people to work on stuff that matters.

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Recent Popular Posts
About 7 weeks ago Amazing sidewalk succulent on a street in Oakland.
About 5 weeks ago A good reason to never buy anything from Restoration Hardware ever again! This is an epic piece of junk mail. They claim they did it in some ecologically neutral way, but I don't buy it. In today's world, this is immoral and monumentally stupid.
About 12 weeks ago How to Raise Moral Children

I thought this article on child-raising had a lot of good ideas in it.  There was stuff that was new to me, and stuff that was old, but the old stuff was worth reviewing, and the new research quite enlightening.

Do read the article even if you don't have children. The principles it outlines apply to our lives as adults as well, to leadership in the workplace and in the world.  And while I've reproduced many of the best bits below, it's well worth going to the article itself, because it is heavily linked to the original research.

What matters most is not achievement but caring

The article opened with the familiar advice that "when parents praise effort rather than ability, children develop a stronger work ethic and become more motivated."  But it went from there in a surprising direction:

"When people in 50 countries were asked to report their guiding principles in life, the value that mattered most wa
About 5 weeks ago "We don't need new policies. We need better implementation."

Last night, I hosted Oakland City Councilor and mayoral candidate Libby Schaaf at a house party to introduce her to my neighbors. In response to a question about what to do about one of Oakland's many problems, she said "We don't need new policies.  We need better implementation."  And in response to a question about disengaged city employees, she talked about the ones who really want to make a difference, and are just waiting to be activated.

That resonated so strongly with me, because just the night before, I'd been at a talk by +Mikey Dickerson about the rescue effort, which sounded almost exactly the same notes.  It's easy to imagine heroic Silicon Valley coders riding to the rescue, but Mikey pointed out that they wrote very little code.  Much of the rescue work was done by the same people who built the broken site.  What the Silicon Valley team provided was clear mana
About 8 weeks ago A few weeks ago, I had a bit of time free after some meetings in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (the annex to the White House, formerly The War Department), and took the chance to explore the old War Department library on the fourth floor.  (It's upstairs from the Indian Treaty Room, then straight down the hall to the other side of the building.)  What a wonderful home for books!  An enchanting place to spend an afternoon, if you can get in.
About 1 week ago Back now from a wonderful holiday in Ireland.  It included a "Hawk Walk" in Killarney with Killarney Falconry.  At the end, we had this picture with a hunting owl.  (He only hunts at night, but he takes pictures during the day :-)
About 1 week ago Kurdish vs Palestinian Strategies for Independence

This article makes a really good point, contrasting the Kurds with the Palestinians:

"This is what Barham Salih, the former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, told me years ago: “Compare us to other liberation movements around the world. We are very mature. We don’t engage in terror. We don’t condone extremist nationalist notions that can only burden our people. Please compare what we have achieved in the Kurdistan national-authority areas to the Palestinian national authority. … We have spent the last 10 years building a secular, democratic society, a civil society.” What, he asked, have the Palestinians built?"

About 13 weeks ago The heart of a star in the heart of a plant. At the National Botanic Garden yesterday.
About 2 weeks ago +Lawrence Lessig's MayDay PAC, a crowdfunded super PAC to end the influence of big money in politics, is closing in on $4 million of its $5 million target.

Help get it over the finish line! This is really important. Pledge now

About 5 weeks ago  +Maria Konnikova's NY Times article about the role of time and attention scarcity in the cycle of poverty was arresting and important. It really echoed some of the issues that we've seen at +Code for America - there's a section at the end of the article that is going to be quoted often by people involved in the business of improving government services:

"If poverty is about time and mental bandwidth as well as money, how does this change how we combat its effects? 'When we think about programs for the poor, we don’t ever think, hey, let’s give them programs that don’t use a lot of bandwidth,' says Mr. Mullainathan. Instead, we fault people for failing to sign up for programs that are ostensibly available, even though we don’t factor in the time and cognitive capacity they need to get past even the first step.

“'If I give people a very complicated form, it’s a big demand on cognitive capacity,' Mr. Shafir says. 'Take something like the Fafsa' — th