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Jon Hiller

Electron Microscopist, Materials Scientist, Father, Son and Brother.

My research focus revolves around nano-fabrication and nano-manipulation using focused ion beams and the characterization of materials using various electron microscopy techniques.  For a complete listing of publications please visit:ORCIDResearcherID
Google Scholar Academia.  
My work interests are in:
Electron and Ion Optic Engineering
Materials CharacterizationNanotechnologyIon Beam LithographyPhysics  Google+ Curator of:Applied Sciences, Physics and Materials Science for Science on Google+: A Public Database
Community Moderator for Science on Google+ Community, Physics Community, Electron Microscopy Community and Nanotechnology Community

I rarely post updates about my personal life.  Most updates and posts revolve around the hard sciences and scientific articles.  I will not bombard you with reposts.  With that said, the circles I fit into the best are:
ScienceNanotechnologyPhysicsComputer ScienceEngineeringMathematics Science Photography
If you need some guidance in understan

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