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About 2 weeks ago
About 13 weeks ago                                        Best Life Hacks
Few tip and simple tricks that will make your life easy.
YouTube: Best Life Hacks

About 10 weeks ago             A Submarine broke out of the surface on Milan street
The residents of Milan’s old town woke up to an incredible sight. A submarine sticking out of  the middle of the street. It appeared to have emerged through the old streets of Milan, Italy from underneath the city.
YouTube: Submarine Breaks Surface In The Streets of Milan

About 4 weeks ago                                  WaterMelon Art
YouTube:Creative Watermelon Art
About 2 weeks ago
About 10 weeks ago                             Amazing Ice Cubes in Lake
In the winter, for about five months or from January to May, the (Lake Baikal Russia) freezes over but the water is so clear that, from the surface, you can see an astounding 130 feet below you.
 Wind, temperature differences, frost and sun in the ice crust cause cracks and ice hummocks to form. Transparent and shining in a turquoise color, these masses of broken ice look like shards of glass rising into the sky.
YouTube :Ice Cubes in World's Largest Lake

About 6 weeks ago                         Lamborghini Veneno 2013-2014
Power comes from the incredible L539 6.5-liter V-12 engine, upgraded here to produce 740 horsepower. The extra power—the Aventador packs 691 horses—was found by enlarging the air intakes, allowing for higher revs, and modifying the existing exhaust system.$3.9 million price tag.
YouTube :Lamborghini Veno 2013-2014

About 13 weeks ago                               This  is called Quadski
The Quadski reaches speeds of 45mph on both water and land and transitions between them in seconds. At the press of a button the Quadski's wheels deploy when approaching land and retract after entering the water.staggering price of around $40,000.
YouTube :Vehicle For Water and Land

About 6 weeks ago           F-117 Nighthawk-Inspired Lamborghini Ankonian
Automotive designer (then Munich student) Slavche Tanevsky comes up with a more aggressive concept in the form of the Lamborghini Ankonian concept.The Lamborghini Ankonian will go into production most probably in 2016.
YouTube :Lamborghini Ankonian f16

About 3 weeks ago    YouTube: Onions Peeling Make You Cry ?