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Avinash Kaushik

Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist

Avinash is the co-Founder of Market Motive and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.
Through his Digital Analytics blog, Occam's Razor, and his best selling books, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, Avinash has become recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers and executives teams can leverage innovative marketing approaches and data to fundamentally reinvent their digital existence.
Avinash has received rave reviews for bringing his energetic, inspiring, and practical insights to companies like Unilever, Dell, Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM. He has delivered keynotes at a variety of global conferences, including Ad-Tech, Monaco Media Forum, Search Engine Strategies, JMP Innovators' Summit, The Art of Marketing and Web 2.0.Acting on his passion for teaching Avinash has lectured at major universities such as Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of California - Los Angeles and University of Utah.Avinash received the 2009 Statistical Ad

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About 2 weeks ago #haha   #incisive   #businesschallenges  

How often does this happen to you?

For me it is at least once a week, sometimes more. While money is not everything, in this context this is often true: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Then companies wonder why they aren't as great.

About 1 week ago A very large part of why I work at Google is the vision of the founders and their desire to change the world. From the core questions of life itself (Calico, [x]) to making our communities better to empowering entrepreneurship to access (loon, fiber)  to hardware we touch everyday (Next, Nexus, Cars) to advertising and so much more.... Google is taking big risks and being bold. It is all down to Larry and Sergey.

Regardless of how much you know Google, this is an insightful talk to watch (especially because +Larry Page does not speak publicly often due to his voice medical issues). 

About 1 week ago
Sign for sale in Salzburg, Austria.

Unfair but reflects reality.


About 9 weeks ago My new favorite place at a Google office. A off-to-the-side nookish space.

I love the decor. The stone pillows, the greenery, all so perfect and pretty.

If you visit the Atlanta office, please be sure to check it out. 

About 12 weeks ago World's Deadliest Animals

I don't think you believe it is the shark or the lion or the crocodile. I'm sure, like me, you'll be surprised at how deadly things you had never heard of are... freshwater snails (!), tesete fly, our bff dogs.

And even if you suspected we humans are the most deadly animal, we are by a long margin, you surely did not realize we are outclassed by mosquitoes!

The sad part is how easy the latter problem is to fix. If only we were not distracted with spreading "freedom" or protesting the right to carry x or prohibit y.  725,000 killed each year. 725,000.

About 10 weeks ago I'm playing the female lead role in this case.

I've had this discussion at least 90,000 times in my life.


About 5 weeks ago What do Web Analysts do?

Blast from the past... This one from Feb 2012 by Rachelle Maisner,, was just tweeted by someone. 

Funny and insightful. What do you think?

About 1 week ago Islamic Sects: Major Schools, Notable Branches.

Religion is such an amazing thing. It unifies us, it divides us, it brings peace, it brings war and destruction. No religion I might add has a monopoly on all that.

It has always mystified me that while we often source things back to the same person/god/god-like entity, that inside a religion there are all these sub-paths and that the sub-paths can have profound and deep hatred for each other. Enough to resort to everything from petty arguments to major killing sprees. 

Why can't they step back and see that they all spring from the same person/god/god-like entity?

Again, no religion has a monopoly on this. I see it in my own country of origin in India with Hindus. You can easily see this with various Christian branches in history (and unlike Hinduism all that destruction on branches of Christianity in the name of the same person, JC). 

I welcome any explanations you might have. Why do people from the exa
About 10 weeks ago Such a wonderful reflection of the times we live in...

It is a little #haha. But it made me think of a few other implications around the underlying message. And not just about God (to each unto her own). Technology. Pace of life. The quest of what. Why. Etc.

PS: I tried on Google Images to find the original source, sadly I could not. If you know, would you please add it below?

About 1 week ago A small metal shack with no electricity or running water on a jetty in the blazing seaside sun does not seem like the kind of place frequented by Hamas militants, the Israel Defense Forces’ intended targets. Children, maybe four feet tall, dressed in summer clothes, running from an explosion, don’t fit the description of Hamas fighters, either.

It is easy to shrug and say collateral damage. Adults on both sides need to realize this is immoral by all religious and human standards. Neither side can escape responsibility for this (or this happening every couple of years as if on schedule). 

#heartbreaking  Story, source: