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Avinash is the co-Founder of Market Motive and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.
Through his Digital Analytics blog, Occam's Razor, and his best selling books, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, Avinash has become recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers and executives teams can leverage innovative marketing approaches and data to fundamentally reinvent their digital existence.
Avinash has received rave reviews for bringing his energetic, inspiring, and practical insights to companies like Unilever, Dell, Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM. He has delivered keynotes at a variety of global conferences, including Ad-Tech, Monaco Media Forum, Search Engine Strategies, JMP Innovators' Summit, The Art of Marketing and Web 2.0.Acting on his passion for teaching Avinash has lectured at major universities such as Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of California - Los Angeles and University of Utah.Avinash received the 2009 Statistical Ad

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About 11 weeks ago Your response will likely be: Look we, USA, is still #1, rankings don't matter!! OR Good lord, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!

The reality is likely somewhere in between. I found this simple 2x2 to be quite interesting as I'd not seen happiness and school performance plotted this way.  

It was so surprising to see the standard belief that all those hard working students in Singapore, China, Switzerland etc. might be wrong. They report being happy. (Your cue: Complain about how terrible surveys are at extracting true sentiment!)

It was delightful to see Vietnam in the top right box. They have made substantial changes to their education system, so great to see their high rank.

For us, US, it presents at least some food for thought. We invest a lot in education. We should do better. There are no easy answers though, and the entrenched politics of the issue, on both the Right and the Left, will make it impossible to actually do something about it. Sadly
About 1 week ago If you do this in an email, I hate YOU!

From the wonderful mind of +Matthew Inman a collection of nine awesome email tips, the one about email signatures is below (it is delicious, be sure to read the fine-fine print).

I'm confident you'll be shaking your head as vigorously as I did. And laugh. And cry.  Here:  

About 3 weeks ago
Can you compare apples and oranges?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. : )

#foodforthought   #haha  

About 2 weeks ago
A little joke to both bring you a smile, and deliver an appreciation of how much the world of search has changed.

Tweeted yesterday:

#evolution    #smartersearch   #bestanswers  

About 8 weeks ago Email Still Rocks! Social, Surprisingly, Stinks!

My latest post on the LinkedIn Influencer Channel is about the graph you see below. Despite email being left of dead repeatedly over the last five years, it continues to perform admirably when it comes to delivering value from a revenue perspective. 

My post covers three lessons, two about reality and email and one about how to really benefit form social (if you are up for it). 

Check it out here:

#realitycheck   #socialmediamarketing   #longtermvalue  

About 7 weeks ago
A great reminder I bumped into walking to a meeting at the Google LA office. 

It might seem surprising that we need this reminder, but we do.

#beawesome   #inspiration  

About 12 weeks ago Facebook is restricting the ability of brands and people who have pages (like me) to organically reach the audience that has Liked their page. You increasingly have to pay, in 2014 it might be the only way at some point.

This is a thoughtful video. Watch it all the way through, including the last 60 seconds. 

Facebook is not YouTube. Facebook has 100% right to make money from their platform, Facebook is not a charity.  Each of you has to decide if you want to be on Facebook or not. But it is important to understand:

1. What Facebook's strategy to make money is,

2. if it was foolish to use your page Likes in the past, it is astoundingly foolish to use them as a barometer for anything and

3. what is the value of each post (look at total Link Clicks if you post links, look at total Shares if you post pure content).

Then decide what your brand's strategy should be.

Oh, let me anticipate your question: Is Facebook dead/going to di
About 6 weeks ago One of the biggest mistakes we make in context of our careers is we often stop learning once we leave school. A smaller one is we believe our employer is responsible for our career growth/education. 
Your career is your job. And the best thing you can do for yourself is be in a continuous education mode!

If you are a Marketer or an Analyst, you are in luck you can take the free (what, really, free!!) online course to learn about data configuration, collection, processing and reporting.  It is a really good course. 

Registration is open, course begins monday. So, what's your excuse not to be super-awesome at what you do? :)

Sign up here:

And, don't forget to be awesome. 

About 2 weeks ago New feature/data in Google+.... View Counts!

In classic Google manner (I kid you Google, I kid!) they are aggregate counts of "you are not really sure what they are".  And come with an additional caveat "values are approximate". How cute is that? :)

Still. Something.

21 million views of my profile and content.

Would be nice to have: Views for individual pieces of content and, since most people are logged in if they are here, Count of Unique People (for the whole thing plus individual content).

I'm sure the G+ team is working on lots more metrics not just to match LinkedIn and FB, but to give us even more amazing things. Can't wait.

Now, which one of you can tell me why I'm not richer and more famous after these 21 million views? Is that not how social is supposed to work? :)

About 11 weeks ago First, this is a fantastic quote. The word profound was probably invented to describe this quote. Print the picture. Keep it handy.

Second, it is such a simple way to illustrate how terrible we all are visualizing numbers/trends. 30 exponential steps does not sound as huge as the quote illustrates it is. :)