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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." – Jojen Reed to Bran Stark 

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About 13 weeks ago Trying to get a photo of my daughter is like trying to catch a cat.  She's mobile and wiggly and giggly - even for Prom photos when she looks like this. 

She is 17 and everything I could have ever possibly have dreamed for in a daughter.  She is beautiful, yes - but she is so much more than just that.  She has me in stitches every day, her wit is peerless.  She is direct, intelligent, and has a strong moral compass.  But she is also gentle and kind and patient (yes, I can see it there, lurking, believe it or not, under that teenage veneer of youth.)

She's just walking into her first Prom right now and I know she'll have a great time.  I'm allowed to have a little mom moment on the +, right? :D


About 7 weeks ago Concept Artwork by James Paick. 

Magnificent artist, you can see a bunch of his work here:

It's a great site for all digital artwork as well.  You can totally see where all the skill is going.

About 12 weeks ago testing something (google image grab)
About 11 weeks ago Rievaulx Abbey March, 2014

This is the whole site from one corner, anyway.  Most people (myself included) crawl up into the soaring arches and get that iconic photo in the middle of the cathedral - but the site is huge and it spans way beyond what you can see here.  It was a whole monastic centre.  It was Cistercian, and so, they were self-sufficient.

What you can kind of glimpse here is the beautiful and tranquil valley that the Abbey sits in.  There is a tiny village just over to the right.  (There are also cottages you can rent directly from English Heritage for your Holiday travel needs as well.  I can't imagine a more beautiful place to see every morning.)

The clouds were just breaking when I took this, allowing me to do exactly what everyone else does when they visit here -- walk up to those soaring arches and nab a shot :D

Traveling off-season has it's downsides sometimes - weather, closures, etc - but having a whole site like this basically to yourse
About 8 weeks ago I just felt like a bit of England today.

On the way along to West Kennet Long Barrow, July, 2013

About 9 weeks ago X-Men: Days of Future Past just got back!

I'm totally biased here - because X-Men are my favorite super heroes and Wolverine is my favorite X-Men team member.  But this film is really, really good.

Summer movie time is here and I see all the big blockbusters basically the day they come out.  If I like it, I'll probably post about it here.   

But do be aware that I give a wide berth to these summer blockbusters from my criticism.  I am well aware of what they are and what they are trying to do.  But I enjoy them all the more for it.  This one had some meat, though.  It also had some real peril and some really good moments.   And don't forget to wait out the credits -- the end scene at the end of them is a nice big payoff :D

About 13 weeks ago You guys ready for a doozy?  And I mean a doozy a slap down, word vomit confession about horrible trauma and my childhood.

There is a reason this ten year old has the thousand-yard stare.

I had to get this out.  Had to.  Publicly and virulently belch it out.  This was not edited (it needs it desperately) I just sat for the past two hours and wrote things I haven't said to anyone before except my husband.

If you want to criticize me in the comments.  HAHAHAHAHAH  just try motherfuckers.  I'm ready for you.

About 13 weeks ago Beltane - or, "Lucky Fire"

I'm sharing the same photo from last year because it's mine and I didn't want to snipe something of Google and it's relevant.  I mean come on, who doesn't want to see some Domos doing a ritual fire dance? :)

For the readers - let me be tiresome and teach you long and lengthy facts about this SO very misunderstood holiday.  I've only just come to a further understanding myself due to study. 

I've been reading Ronald Hutton's excellent book Stations of the Sun, A History of the Ritual Year in Britain (this was after reading The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles) and I now know more about Christmas, Easter, Whitsun, Maundy Thursday, Maying, Boxing Day, Twelfth Night, Morris, etc, you name it, than I ever thought there was to know.  It's gobsmacking fantastic, this volume.  It's a graduate course all wrapped into one book.

What I learned about Beltane was surprising.  First, because
About 13 weeks ago Arundel Castle (the old bits) from the battlements,  2011

Yeah, it's old photo day for me.  It's raining and dreary and I have nothing new.

About 11 weeks ago Good morning!  Sunrise at Edisto Beach

2013, mine.    I've got the beach on my mind.  It's our next vacation.  I love the summers.  I love my kids home with me, they are great company.  This year we are trying a different location - still a beach, but closer to Charleston, SC.