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Chris Lacy

Link Bubble/Action Launcher

iOS/Android/Web developer, developer of Link Bubble, Action Launcher and Tweet Lanes.

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About 6 weeks ago I'm of the opinion that today's most popular mobile web browsers largely fail to address the needs, constraints and realities of a modern mobile user. For my money, to this point mobile browsers are derivatives of their desktop apps, and we have yet to see a mobile web browser designed solely and specifically with mobile devices in mind.

Let me highlight a few common examples of where I feel current mobile devices offer a sub-par experience.

Consider the common case where you’re using Google Now or Twitter and you see 2 or more links you’d like to load. On a desktop you might middle click both links and open each in a new tab, but this isn’t possible on a mobile device. Instead you have to click one of the links, wait for a browser app to load, wait for the page to load, read it, rely on not getting distracted by a notification or another app, go back to the app, click the 2nd link, and repeat.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobil
About 5 weeks ago On Link Bubble's price

A few quick thoughts for those seemingly disappointed by Link Bubble Pro's $4.99 price:
* I am not a multi-billion dollar company like Google or Facebook that provides free services in exchange for data that can sold to advertisers. Nor am I part of a company that has raised millions through venture capital. 
* Like you, I need a salary to survive. I have a family, mortgage, need to eat, and all that mundane stuff. Writing apps and selling them on the Play Store is my full time job, and my means of earning this salary.
* I decided long ago to launch at $4.99. Link Bubble's price was not affected at all by my applying for a patent on the app. I'm not 'passing the entire cost down to the consumer'. Instead, applying for the patent meant I'm deferring the point where Link Bubble becomes a positive earner (assuming it sells enough to recoup of course).
* I'm not begging for money out front of a homeless shelter. I'm trying t
About 5 weeks ago Link Bubble is OUT NOW!

I’m immensely proud of how the app has turned out. It has changed not just the way I browse, but how I interact with my devices.

Check out the video to see how Link Bubble will save you time, how quick and easy it is to add a link to Pocket from any app, the YouTube embed helper and more.

Or just grab Link Bubble from the Play Store and discover for yourself:

About 5 weeks ago Link Bubble will release tomorrow.

#alittletaste   #moregoodnessawaits   #onlyonandroid  

About 6 weeks ago I'm gutted to say I have to postpone the Link Bubble release. A last minute (last second more accurately) legal issue came up after close of business yesterday that I have to resolve before releasing the app.

To say I'm disappointed by this would be a massive understatement. I have been planning my 'teaser post one day, public release the next' release strategy for months. I picked a Tuesday as that's the best day to release. I arranged for my kids to be looked after this morning as they woke up so I could manage the release.

But this issue is what it is, and it needs resolving before the app can release.

I know many of you have been looking forward to the release, and I feel awful not being able to unleash the app I'm so proud of. If it's any consolation, please know that no one feels more disappointed by this false start than me.

Link Bubble is ready to go, and as soon as I get the legal all clear, I will release it. I can't provide
About 4 weeks ago Woke up this morning,
Got myself

OK maybe that doesn't really work. Either way, pretty chuffed at this!

About 4 weeks ago I just got up, but my day may have been made already :)

I’m tempted to call this something of a revelation – Link Bubble certainly brings something new to the mobile browsing sphere, and it’s difficult to see this proving anything other than popular across the Android ecosystem.

About 5 weeks ago LinkBubble: Only Possible on Android
+Chris Lacy's LinkBubble is finally out and it’s a game-changer. I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks and it’s changed the way I use my phone. And it’ll likely do the same for you.

LinkBubble is an Android app that brings desktop-like workflow to your Android devices. To keep it simple: it’s chat heads for links you click across different apps on your device. But it’s so much more than that. Up until now, when you clicked a link on Google+, Twitter, or any other app, you’d get kicked out of that app, wait for the page to load, check out whatever you just clicked, then go back to where you were. 

LinkBubble changes that. 

It starts loading web pages in the background, not kicking you out of whatever you were doing. Now, I load up 4-5 sites through the stream I’m reading through - similar to loading a bunch of links in separate tabs. Then, I go through the links one by one. It makes life so much easier, especially in the m
About 4 weeks ago Link Bubble 1.0.2 is Play Store bound. Should arrive within ~2 hours.
About 9 weeks ago My thoughts regarding the rumored 5.2" screen on the Galaxy S5…