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Chris Lacy

Link Bubble/Action Launcher

iOS/Android/Web developer, developer of Link Bubble, Action Launcher and Tweet Lanes.

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About 4 weeks ago Obligatory I/O photo. 
About 5 weeks ago When I publicly tweet that an update will arrive tomorrow, and within 20 minutes discover 2 bugs that have to be fixed and a whole piece of functionality that doesn't work under certain conditions, and I'm up late closing them all out, and I get it all working in time I'm all like... 


About 3 weeks ago Sure missing that Clear All Notifications button right about now...
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About 2 weeks ago I/O 2014 thoughts

* My first thought when the animation heavy L demos were running: "this whole thing is reliant on being able to animate smoothly, and no one would ever accuse Android of excelling in this area to this point".
* Android One - everything about this is a big deal. 
* Android TV - glad to see it's finally coming. Still pissed I didn't go to the Android TV session and missed out on a demo unit.
* Android Auto - looks very neat. Really glad the same setup will work for CarPlay and Android Auto, and people don't have to choose when they buy a car. The biggest disappointment here for me is that it seems to be largely geared towards working in cars that have yet to be sold. It feels disappointing there seemingly isn't a strong focus on allowing people who already have a car to use Auto. That said, my car's a piece of junk, so maybe I can buy a new one soon and claim some of it on tax?
* Android Wear is terrific. Being able to glance to my w
About 12 weeks ago This shot of Mexico City is amazing.

Check out the rest here (link via +Ankur Kotwal): 

About 4 weeks ago Why yes, yes you will. 
About 5 weeks ago Link Bubble 1.2 is out now, Pro price is 50% off for a limited time

“OK, Google” support headlines the new features for existing users, but the full breakdown is below.

Also, the free version now allows for links to be loaded from any app (as opposed to previously being limited to loading from one app at a time), so it gives people on the fence a far better preview of the app’s qualities.

Change log:
• NEW: "OK, Google" support (Requires Pro, Android 4.4 or later, must be enabled via Settings).
• NEW: Free version allows for a link to be loaded from any app (previously was restricted to a single app).
• NEW: Granular controls to configure which apps Link Bubble will and won't intercept links from.
• NEW: When closing a tab, an Undo prompt is displayed, allowing people to quickly restore that tab (configurable via Settings).
• NEW: Reading Mode (Beta), which extracts the main text from a link (Requires Pro).
• IMPROVEMENT: If a link w