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The official Google+ page for Google in India.

In keeping with the diverse nature of the country, we will be posting on a wide range of topics covering news, announcements, tips and tricks and a little bit about what it's like to work in Google India. 

So add us to your circles for regular updates. See you on the stream!If you have any questions about how to use specific Google products, we'd encourage you to visit the main Help centre. There you'll find instructions and tips, and will be able to discuss Google products with other users and Google employees.

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About 7 weeks ago If you're at #GoaFest  make sure you visit the Google House next to the ballroom. If you're not, make sure you follow +YouTube India to stay updated.
About 10 weeks ago Celebrating Mother's Day
Check out our homepage today as we celebrate moms and their superpowers! We hope you enjoyed our #7DaysForMom  campaign through the week and spend today making the most important woman in your life feel as special as she is.

Check our home page 
#MothersDay  | #GoogleDoodle  | #HappyMothersDay  

About 5 weeks ago The first every YouTube TakeOver has #HumptySharmakiDulhania's Humpty and Kavya! They pick their favourite videos all day today, on:
Follow what they post by using #YouTakeOver

About 5 weeks ago The #WorldCup is here. See what the world wants to know: #GoogleTrends  
About 9 weeks ago It's Counting Day
In our continued effort to bring you all the latest updates around #Elections2014 , our   #GoogleDoodle  celebrates the power that each voter had and what that has led to, with the results today.

Visit to check it out

About 4 weeks ago Are you a webmaster looking to improve your site’s performance in organic search?  Or, are you a Google advertiser wanting to learn how to best leverage Google AdWords for your business?

If yes, then we have an exciting announcement for you. Google India is organizing a two-day conference - Learn with Google - Search & Ads! A conference designed specifically for the Indian webmaster and online advertiser community. Join us to learn from Google’s very own search and  ad gurus on a variety of topics.

Excited? So are we! Register here -

Note: This is an invite-only event and you’ll need to register if you are interested in attending. Please remember that filling out the form does not guarantee your spot at the event. We’ll send out the invite on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information, check our blog -

About 11 weeks ago Shyam Negi, India's first voter, will again cast his vote this Wednesday. Google India is celebrating by delivering him a card to thank him for his constant support of democracy. Now YOU can also sign the card: post a message to Mr. Negi with #PledgeToVote, and it may be included.
About 9 weeks ago Stay updated with LIVE election results all day: 
About 14 weeks ago Make your Wednesday morning just a little bit brighter with the Nestlè #ShareYourGoodness video. Watch and share.
About 11 weeks ago Spotted the #7DaysForMom trend yet? We've got a full week of activities and celebrations lined up to make sure that your entire week is spent making your mom feel like the special woman she is. Here's what's happening today:

Send a good wish to a rural mom & +Milaap will send Rs. 1000 to her on your behalf:

Make a wish for your Mom and +Malini Agarwal will make them come true:

Post with #7DaysForMom and win prizes from the best brands with the fabulous +Malini Agarwal