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Lee Daniels

Outdoor & Fine Art Photographer; Senior Writer, Community Manager (on leave) at Female Photographer Magazine

It’s about light and passion.  Passionate light, playful light, moody, broody light.  Light that caresses, that seeks out shadows or creates them, that catches the single bright instance, that defines shape and dimension.  It’s about natural light and how the world filters the glow from first light to golden dusk.It's about Inspiration.  Being inspired by the wonder of the world around me. Being inspired by others and hoping to inspire others with my photography and stories.  I want people to  look around with wide-eyed wonder and embrace the magic that surrounds them.I am constantly excited by the talent I find on G+ and nothing gives me as much pleasure as the viewing the the unique views and perspectives that appear here daily.  There is a renaissance of artists and visionaries coming together in galvanizing collaborations.and to be able to participate in this new world is energizing!  

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