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Melissa Bryan

Failsaucey Princess Doodle

I’m a girl… I'm a ginger... I’m geeky… I game… I'm quirky... I’m awesome… That about covers it... 
My Posts: I post A LOT publicly and you will see posts on many subjects that interest me.  Some of these topics include:

Gaming, Tech, Android, Comics, Science, General Geekiness, Web Development, Photography,  Art/Artists/Graphic Artists, Crafts/DIY, Music/Musicians, Politics, Sci-fi & Coffee
Stuff to Check Out:Gaming/Gamertags - (Please message me before adding to XBL or your request may be denied)15 Things About Me (Random Facts)15 Things About Me - The Sequel
#GingerThursday #GingerThursday Community (My Ginger Thursday Posts  - began 5/3/12)#10MinuteHero & 10MinuteVillainhttp://survivethehate.orgNotes to People Who Circle Me:Age Limit - Sorry, I have a strict age limit.  If you are under the age of 18 please DO NOT circle me.  I will NOT be circling you back.
Moderation - I will block you if you are in any way disrespectful, abusive, or a tro

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