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Online TV station & marketing platform for artists around the globe! Discover new music & JOIN our online music community!

With "In The Plus", our series of interviews & live performances with artists from all around the world, we continue to build and grow a community of musicians, music professionals, music educators and fans to help deliver their music, marketing and message to fans all over the world. Fans are also able to vote for their favorite Artist of the Month! Discover new, great music from all around the world through our FREE online concerts & interviews! 
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In The Plus LIVE @ Biblioteket Bar- Once a month we present an artist at the beautiful Biblioteket Bar in Bergen, Norway, with interview and live performance. About 1 hour show. Free entrance at the venue & LIVE streaming! In The Plus @ tomtomstudio- Our brand new shows recorded and produced from tomtomstudioin Bergen, Norway, with artist interviews & live...

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About 5 weeks ago
About 9 weeks ago Music is often referred to as being one of the most connecting forms of art to ever exist.  A song has the ability to capture a feeling, a memory, an event and transform it in a way that others can hear, feel, and identify with.

A song can make you smile, dance, dream, cry, scream. It can bring strangers together under a common cause, it can connect hearts worlds apart, it can heal.

Songwriting is an amazing tool and gift that shapes the world we live in. Whether Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Comedy, Country, Electronic, Folk, Hip/Hop, Jazz, Latino, Metal, New Age, Opera, Pop, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Religious, Rock, World, and on and on music can be found in every culture on every continent breaking all boundaries.

What inspires YOU to be a songwriter? The song you write today could be the song that changes a nation.  CHEERS

#artistsintheplus #aitp #indiemusic #indiemusicians #dailythoughts #changetheworld

About 5 days ago Happy easter to all artists, musicians and friends all over the globe from the Artists In The Plus team
About 13 weeks ago And there we have it! CONGRATULATIONS to Artist of DECEMBER 2013 +Meri Amber from Australia!! And thank yous to everyone who voted for their favorite artist! Everyone, Go circle +Meri Amber & SUBSCRIBE to her youtube channel: & do come back for more Meri music! Congrats again! 

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About 13 weeks ago 100,000!!
Thanks to everyone out in G+ land for all of the +'s and for making FNS one of the absolute best music pages on Google+! Make sure to join +Sean Cowen tonight for what will be a very special +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS!


About 11 weeks ago +Artists In The Plus is SO proud to present our new series: #InThePlus at #BiblioteketBar  ! With Live performances & Interviews!! MORE INFO:

What: Live performance & interview - free entrance at venue + LIVE streaming @
Where: Biblioteket Bar in Bergen, Norway + LIVE @ YouTube
Who: Our first artist is the ever so lovely & amazingly talented pop/rock artist +Ilona T from the UK!
When: One Wednesday a month, starting FEBRUARY 19th!
Time: 9 pm CET, 12 pm PST, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 8 pm GMT! 

Will YOU be attending this event? You don´t want to miss it!!!! We can´t wait!!

#artistsintheplus   #intheplus   #intheplus2014   #biblioteketbar   #liveperformance   #interview   #bergen   #norway   #intheplusfebruary2014   #ilonat  

We present pop/rock artist +Ilona T  LIVE at Biblioteket Bar! 
Time: 9 pm CET, 12 pm PST, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 8 pm GMT! 
FREE entrance at the venue & LIVE streaming at ! Hosted by +Ina Maria !

#artistsintheplus   #intheplus   #intheplusfebruary2014   #ilona   #biblioteketbar  

About 8 weeks ago THANK YOU! Thank yous to everyone who came to see the show last night & to everyone who tuned in!  Special thank yous also to our wonderful AITP team for their great work in making this event a success; Producers +Myrna Braza  & +Thomas Haugland  & host +Ina Maria! 

Thanks to Biblioteket Bar & BERGEN DEEJAY BOOKING and +Ilona T & the band. To +Ivar Choi Espedalen for photos during the event, +Arne Wilhelmsen for bringing in some extra lights, Tore for camera assistance and stylist Christine.

#artistsintheplus   #thankyou   #teamwork   #teamaitp   #intheplus   #intheplusfebruary2014  

About 5 weeks ago UK pop/rock artist ILONA is making her headline show at The STABLES MILTON KEYNES even more exciting by offering each guest a FREE signed copy of her new E.P., and adding incredible electric guitarist Luke Bowman to the line up. You can book your tickets here: and see Luke play live here: Luke Bowman - Hold Your Breath #artistsintheplus   #ilona   #lukebowman   #miltonkeynes   #thunderstorm  
About 11 weeks ago Alright! We're really looking forward to welcome 2 Norwegian artists in Tomtomstudio today, for new shows In The Plus! Getting everything ready for the 1st one. Stay tuned for more info! 

#intheplus   #artistsintheplus   #tomtomstudio   #behindthescenes