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Artists In The Plus is an online music community, TV station and marketing channel that promotes artists from all around the world everyday through online concerts, interviews, events and more. 

With In The Plus, our series of interviews & live performances, we continue to build and grow a community of musicians, music professionals, music educators and fans to help deliver their music, marketing and message to fans all over the world!

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About 13 weeks ago Happy easter to all artists, musicians and friends all over the globe from the Artists In The Plus team
About 6 weeks ago Tomorrow will be the first day in the studio recording! I'm very excited and I can't wait to share my new songs with you all! :)
I'll keep you updated,

About 11 weeks ago Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo! Home now and feeling sleepy/wide awake at the most absurd times, BUT mostly feeling super shmooshy thinking about the past 2 weeks. To have gotten to meet the warmest/danciest new Japanese friends, travel with my favorite person in the world, perform and eat and drink with my bestie @Kasijones and her ridiculouslyfunbighearted love @mrsaulh, and throughout to get to play my first shows in Tokyo with awesome sauce Japanese players really has made me feel like the luckiest human. Ever. Ever ever. Feeling super de duper inspired and happy. 
About 5 weeks ago Thank you all for your kind, supportive, loving words! My new songs are almost ready and I can't wait to share them with you all!
About 12 weeks ago UK artist ILONA reveals the cover art for her new single 'Back to You'... It is released on iTunes worldwide on May 18th and you'll be able to pre-order it very soon! #artistsintheplus   #ilona   #single   #music Get familiar with her sound here :) 
About 11 weeks ago One of our most loved artists, ILONA, has entered the Bulgarian iTunes top 100 chart and climbed up to number 3 last week!!! Just under Pharrell Williams's 'Happy'.. She also had her new single played several times on national radio.. Still an independent artist, ILONA's new track is released on May 18th worldwide and we ask you to take a moment to listen to her music and pre-order this beautiful song.. You can get 'Back to You' for only £0.99p and help make this song successful everywhere else around the world too! Thank you. 
You can hear some of ILONA's music here: #artistsintheplus   #itunes   #bulgaria   #backtoyou #newsingle #releases   #pre -orders 
About 8 weeks ago Check out our #endorsed artist +Irene Conti performing 'Happy' by the British singer Leona Lewis!

Click here to listen to her original songs:

#artistsintheplus   #IreneConti   #aitp  

About 3 weeks ago EXCITING TIMES!
We´re adding new artists daily from around the world to our brand new website that will be launched soon. We are working on adding lots of other cool features too. Soon we´ll be able to share Phase 1! Do stay tuned and happy Friday all! :)

#artistsintheplus   #newwebsite   #newwebsitecomingsoon   #aitp  

About 9 weeks ago In The Plus LIVE ON MAY 28th!
We can´t wait to feature our favorite Norwegian soul artist +Myrna Braza In The Plus on Wednesday May the 28th! She reveals that she´ll be performing brand new songs from her upcoming album! This´ll be one soulful event, guys! Join us at the venue or tune in on our channel:! 12 pm PDT - 3 pm EDT - 2 pm CDT - 8 pm BST - 9 pm CEST ! 
Join this event:

#myrnabraza   #may28th   #intheplus   #intheplus2014   #intheplusmay2014   #intheplusbiblioteketbar   #biblioteketbar   #bergen   #upcomingconcert  

About 6 days ago Let's help our featured artist +MadCraft to get to perform at Metro On Stage in Moscow, Russia in September. 

You can help out by voting! Follow the link below and vote by hitting the 'Like' buttons for Facebook, Twitter and VK. Every vote counts! 

Vote here: 

Thank you!