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Recent Popular Posts
About 4 weeks ago Introducing the Samsung Gear Live, powered by #AndroidWear

Google has built a revolutionary wearable operating system — here’s why we’ve built the best watch for it.

The close relationship between Google and Samsung has been going strong for a long time, so when Google began working on Android for wearables, we knew we were in a great position to provide the best experience possible.

The result is the Gear Live, Samsung’s newest wearable, providing the most optimal, intuitive and customizable Android Wear experience. It works closely with all the Google services you rely on, including Google Now.

The Gear Live goes beyond notifications for staying current and a heart rate monitor for staying healthy — though it does those things exceptionally well. It’s information that moves with you, and we think we’ve built the best Android Wear experience out there with an intuitive new user interface, and superior design, build and screen quality.

With Android and An
About 12 weeks ago Samsung #GALAXYKzoom combines industry-leading camera features with GALAXY mobile experience

Ever wanted a high-end camera in a slim smartphone package?

Most of us want to take great photos, but we don’t always want to bring a bulky professional camera everywhere we go. So how can we combine the rich features of high-end cameras into a slim, light smartphone design? The answer is in the new camera-specialized #GALAXYKzoom. 

Real Optics

The K zoom is not just a phone with a camera, it is a smartphone with advanced technical camera capabilities. The most immediately unique feature is the retracting lens that delivers 10X optical zoom. This is great when you don’t want to sacrifice quality compared with the digital zoom found on most smartphones. 

The camera includes a 20.7-megapixel Back-side Illumination CMOS sensor that collects more light, which means clearer and more detailed images. Together with the number of pixels, the sensor has more spatial area t
About 8 weeks ago How  #GALAXYS5  can be Dust and Water Resistant 
with a removable battery

See how Samsung created an IP67-compliant smartphone while keeping the battery removable and the water-resistant feature phone that started it all.

What is IP67?
The GALAXY S5 follows an IP67 rating based on the Ingress Protection Code, which has numbers to represent different levels of dust and water protection. The first number, six, represents the level of dust protection. Level six dust protection is the highest possible rating and means complete protection from dust. The second number, seven, is on a scale from zero to eight and represents the level of water resistance. The higher the number, the more protection the device has from water. IPX7 means that your device can be protected while immersed in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

(Note: IP code protection levels are published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.)

A removable battery
A useful feature in G
About 12 weeks ago New #SamsungLevel headphones go beyond sound.

Control your music directly from your headphones?
Let’s touch on that.

We have released a series of headphones that not only have improved organic sound, but are also specifically designed to integrate with your smartphone and tablet. Add an innovative touch control system and you have a headphone line up that will change how you consume audio content. 

Touch control

By swiping your finger on the ear cup of the #LevelOver headphone, you can control volume, track selection and play/pause. There is no need to take your phone out of your pocket to change music tracks or volume. You get full control of your music experience at the tip of your finger. Literally. 

It also lets you take calls in stunning clarity while still staying connected to your audio content – you can jabber and jam at the same time.  By pressing-and-holding for three seconds, you can also activate S Voice and gain access to its world o
About 10 weeks ago MIMO technology and 802.11ac in #GALAXYS5

The GALAXY S5 is the world’s first smartphone to support both 802.11ac and MIMO, making it one of the fastest, most stable smartphones in the market.

Background: Why MIMO?

As of 2014, 75%* of common wireless Access Points (APs) supports MIMO technology worldwide, and these are increasing every year. With more APs that support MIMO, there is more demand for mobile devices that also support MIMO. In addition, when combined with the latest 802.11ac chipset, MIMO technology can provide enhanced Wi-Fi performance and reception quality.

Samsung was one of the first to release products that support both 802.11ac chipsets and MIMO, starting with the #GALAXYNotePro and the #GALAXYTabPro tablet series announced earlier this year. Taking this a step further, we are putting this technology into much smaller devices now, such as the GALAXY S5.

What is MIMO?

Most smartphones today have only one Wi-Fi antenna to
About 6 weeks ago #GALAXYTabS: Samsung’s thinnest and lightest Super AMOLED display

Get the ultimate viewing experience from smartphone AMOLED displays now on a new line of tablets, the GALAXY Tab S.

The GALAXY Tab S brings the next evolution in mobile display technology for tablets. While the majority of tablets on the market currently have LCD displays, Samsung has been working to create the ultimate viewing experience with AMOLED displays for tablets since 2011 when it released the GALAXY Tab 7.7, the world’s first tablet with an AMOLED display. The new GALAXY Tab S comes with improved battery life and a higher resolution, so you can now fully enjoy the Super AMOLED display on an even larger screen.

More colors, deeper contrast

The GALAXY Tab S delivers a wider range of rich and crisp colors that are more true-to-life because there are 20% more colors than you can find on most LCD displays. Samsung’s industry-leading Super AMOLED display meets more than 90% of the Adobe RGB color
About 3 weeks ago Dispatch From Google: I/O: #AndroidWear and the Future of Wearables

Android Wear and the Gear Live represent the start of a new vision for how you interact with technology.

At the annual Google I/O conference last week, Google developers and designers talked at length about the future of wearables, as well as the trends and ideas they’re exploring today with Android Wear and Google Glass. The goal is to free up your attention for the real world around you, while still keeping you apprised of what’s going on with your digital connections.


When you’re using your smartphone, you have to tune out your surroundings to dig into menus and find the information you need. This is great when you’re looking for something in-depth, but it’s disruptive when you just need one snippet of pertinent data

Wearables help you stay connected to the people around you by limiting your engagement with the technology to what Google engineers call “microinteractio
About 9 weeks ago Stay on with Ultra Power Saving Mode on the #GALAXYS5

Ultra Power Saving Mode on the GALAXY S5 opens up a new, power-efficient grayscale layout that lets you continue to access essential features and apps on your phone for an extended period of time even when your battery power is very low.

The idea behind Ultra Power Saving Mode initially came from Emergency Mode, a feature first introduced in GALAXY devices in Japan, where natural disasters are a common occurrence. Emergency Mode launches in grayscale and extends your battery life to let you access features like Flashlight and Emergency Alarm when you need to be rescued or don’t have access to electricity. 

When we started to develop the GALAXY S5, we realized that people in everyday situations also have moments where you don’t have your charger but need to access essential features for an extended period of time. We expanded on the concept of Emergency Mode to create Ultra Power Saving Mode, which lets you d
About 12 weeks ago Tips and tricks for your #GALAXYNote3

From answering calls to performing daily tasks, you're bound to find a tip to help you save a few seconds and enhance your productivity. Here are some of our favourites:

Add more to images
When viewing an image, touch 'Menu' to activate a number of additional options, including Photo frame. Photo frame adds a frame to your image, providing space along the bottom for handwritten notes. The edited image is then saved in the Photo frame folder. Perfect for when you want to add additional information to your pictures.

One-handed operation
Now you can always lend a hand thanks to the Note 3's one-handed operation function. Navigate to Settings > Controls and select 'One-handed operation'. You can fit the entire display into a moveable, resizable window. You can also activate this mode by swiping in an arrow shape from the edge of the screen.

Action Memo
To activate Action Memo, hover your S P
About 13 weeks ago Getting behind the world’s fastest autofocus on #GALAXYS5

Remember the last time you missed a goofy moment of your friend, a running athlete in a sports game, or a newborn’s gingerly first step?

We want you to be able to capture that as it happens and not miss that perfect moment. That’s why we’re excited about the camera on GALAXY S5 with up to 0.3 second autofocus speed. But if you do want to look under the hood and see how we did it, we'll explain it for you. Now, try to focus.

Powering this innovation is phase detection technology. The image sensor is an array of red, green, blue filters on a grid of photo sensors. On the S5, some RGB sensors are replaced with autofocus pixels. These are split, with one half masked, in order to keep the light out.

When you calculate the average of the data for the entire grid, you get an average of right-hand data and left-hand data, respectively. The difference between these two sets of data is then used to calculate the am