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Google Creative Sandbox is a space to celebrate the intersection of creativity and technology, primarily within the realm of advertising. It's a place for Google to expose cool creations, generate inspiration, and prompt possibilities. Join the conversation of musings and example-sharing to help push the limits of digital creativity.

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About 6 weeks ago From the Philippines to Portugal; Paris to Bogotá, the +Google Art Project is announcing its #streetartproject, a collaboration with street art experts who are bringing 5000 images and 100 exhibitions online to tell a story of #streetart around the world.

You can now immerse yourself in a world of prowling creatures, miniature people and supernatural symbolism; discover how these artists have embraced the streets and learn about the history of street art in one click:

Mural by Vhils in Shanghai, MoSA:

About 13 weeks ago Fight until the very last moment. It’s up to you to #RISE:
About 5 weeks ago +Nikesh Arora is speaking in 15 mins in the Palais. Don't miss his talk at 11am in the Grand Audi theatre #GoogleCannes
About 12 weeks ago See how the Mercedes Monolith generated 65% View Rate on a 14 minutes Film on YouTube! Google presents: Mercedes-Benz "The Monolith" Case Study
About 5 weeks ago It's been such a great day here at the Google beach. Make sure you drop by tomorrow and hear from +BBDO  's CEO Andrew Robertson  talk about Sex Drugs, Rock n Roll and Advertising at 1:45pm. Followed up by YouTube Celebs +Michelle Phan  and +Freddie Wong  to talk through their journey to fame on the platform at 2pm. 

See what else is happening tomorrow here!

#GoogleCannes   #CannesLions    

About 1 week ago This summer, +Google teamed up with +Nike to create Phenomenal Shot. Real-time display ads celebrated Nike athletes seconds after big moments happened on TV. An immersive 3-D experience let fans capture, remix and share their own take on those moments, as they unfolded. Explore more at
About 5 weeks ago To all +Michelle Phan   and +Freddie Wong   fans out there: Your favourite YouTube stars are joining Jamie Bryne and will take you through their journey to success 2.30pm today at Google Beach #GoogleCannes  #CannesLions 
About 5 weeks ago "What does it take to make engaging and enduring content on YouTube? Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of +DreamWorks Animation  and Eddy Moretti, CCO of +VICE  will discuss the 'Art of Storytelling' at Grand Audi Theatre +Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity tomorrow at 10am. Their talk will be livestreamed here #GoogleCannes

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About 5 weeks ago So excited that Creative Sandbox is opening today at 12pm! Before that, you can come and stretch out with us at our Yoga morning session @ 10.30am. The Art, Copy & Code team will kick off with their Create the Future talk on why creatives should care about search. Then, Google, M&C Saatchi and Optus will open up our Lightning Talk programme @ 1.45pm speaking about how they changed the way Australia deals with one of its ‘killer’ issues #GoogleCannes 
About 14 weeks ago DevArt - Winner Announced #DevArt  

Mapping a dream as it navigates through your brain using G+APIs. Exploring metamorphosis through storytelling in the form of a poetic adventure with Chrome Apps and Compute API. Travelling through a playful giant map that explores fantasy and reality on a huge scale using Map API. Creating music through the touch of your finger on a simple piece of wood using Android. These are just a sample of the hundreds of projects we received after inviting the developer community to express themselves creatively ( as part of DevArt ( 

And the winner is … a duo Cyril Diagne & Béatrice Lartigue from France. Cyril and Beatrice’s project, Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, is an interactive poetic adventure exploring the theme of metamorphosis in the human body, inviting the audience to personify Mr. Kalia as he goes through many surrealistic changes [video] [project page on DevArt site