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Google Creative Sandbox is a space to celebrate the intersection of creativity and technology, primarily within the realm of advertising. It's a place for Google to expose cool creations, generate inspiration, and prompt possibilities. Join the conversation of musings and example-sharing to help push the limits of digital creativity.

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About 2 weeks ago We're proud to announce Google as the Official Partner of Future Lions 2014.
About 10 weeks ago Imagine what you'd create if code were your canvas. This is the idea behind "DevArt"—a new kind of art, made with modern technology—and this summer we're teaming up with the Barbican in London to celebrate DevArt in an interactive gallery. 

We want you to be a part of it—visit, where you can follow the creative process of several incredible interactive artists creating installations for the exhibition, as well as submit your own project for a chance to see your own work featured at the Barbican. Learn more:

About 2 weeks ago A beautiful and immersive experience, using Streetview, photos, video, and narration to transport you to the streets of #Marseille. Let Julie de Muer take you on an adventure in Google Night Walk.
About 12 weeks ago Even if you reach the right audience, if you don't tell the viewer something they want to hear, you've lost the opportunity to connect.

Today's Think Insights article, “Technology Makes Creative More Intelligent,” provides a summary of how to make ads engaging and relevant across screens, and explains how this creative imperative fits into Google’s broader, ongoing series on the "what,” "why" and "how" of modern brand building -- the Engagement Project.

About 5 weeks ago DevArt: Calling all future interactive artists

With 3 weeks to go, there's still time to enter DevArt. Last month, we opened up a call for the next up-and-coming developer artist, to be featured in the Barbican as part of the Digital Revolution exhibition, and seen by millions of people ( If you’re a future interactive artist, the window to submit a project to DevArt is now halfway through!

So far, we’ve seen some amazing ideas--like Les metamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, a poetic digital adventure which features a character that animates to match a spectator's moves ( Contact^2, which aims to spatially and acoustically map objects of different shapes sizes, with materials that will produce different sounds and possibilities for interaction ( 

In fact, within the first 24 hours of announcing the project, the DevArt template jumped to the 4th most popular repository on GitHub, and within the first week, the
About 1 day ago DevArt - Winner Announced #DevArt  

Mapping a dream as it navigates through your brain using G+APIs. Exploring metamorphosis through storytelling in the form of a poetic adventure with Chrome Apps and Compute API. Travelling through a playful giant map that explores fantasy and reality on a huge scale using Map API. Creating music through the touch of your finger on a simple piece of wood using Android. These are just a sample of the hundreds of projects we received after inviting the developer community to express themselves creatively ( as part of DevArt ( 

And the winner is … a duo Cyril Diagne & Béatrice Lartigue from France. Cyril and Beatrice’s project, Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, is an interactive poetic adventure exploring the theme of metamorphosis in the human body, inviting the audience to personify Mr. Kalia as he goes through many surrealistic changes [video] [project page on DevArt site
About 9 weeks ago Making mobile work for the advertising industry

The advertising industry is currently in a bit of a “chicken or the egg” situation when it comes to mobile advertising -- marketers want to know that cross-screen campaigns will work before they invest significantly, but publishers need multiscreen-friendly campaigns in order to show they work. We think technology can help move the industry beyond this cycle. 

Today, the IAB published an open letter, signed by Google and 19 other global publishers, asking marketers to embrace mobile-compatible technologies such as HTML5. This letter is part of a larger “Make Mobile Work” Initiative, which will include additional resources over the course of the year to help kick-start the movement to successful cross-screen campaigns.

About 3 days ago +Fendi partnered with Google to give their fans the possibility to take part in the fashion show by watching it from a better point of view than the front row.
About 6 weeks ago If you’re at SXSW Interactive, be sure to catch one of Google’s sessions on creativity:

Aaron Koblin’s panel on how to inspire the very best creativity in your people, and what businesses can learn from wildly creative groups like Burning Man and Maker Faire. Saturday March 8th at 5:00PM.

Ben Malbon and Aman Govil’s session on how to bring together code and creativity, and how advertising has the potential to be more useful, contextual, and efficient than ever before. Monday March 10th at 9:30AM

To find additional Google speakers, search for “Google” on

About 1 week ago DevArt Top 10 Finalists announced

DevArt is proud to present the Top 10 Finalists in this year's competition. Check out the DevArt gallery to see these inspiring art projects made with code including the shortlist of potential winners.

The judges deliberated over proposal from creative coders all over the world, from Los Angeles and Columbia to Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. They were truly inspired by how the ideas challenged the perception of what art and code can be.

Ten will soon become one - to be announced on or around April 17 - and the lucky winning creative coder will have their DevArt proposal realised as an interactive installation in the Barbican this summer. Watch this space! #DevArt