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Hello, and welcome to my Google + Profile.My name is Su Ann Lim.  Until recently I was the President of the TekPersona Corporation, where we specialized in helping organizations and individuals maximize their ability to do business through effective and positive Corporate Branding, the judicious use of Information Technology, sound Social Media Marketing Strategies & Media Training & Best Practices. Unfortunately, TekPersona is in transition due to the death of its sole proprietor.  I will provide an update to my circumstances soon.About me:I’ve been an successful entrepreneur, but I’ve also been successful in the corporate world, and the Public Sector in British Columbia government.  I am a marketer by trade, and that, combined with wide breadth of other disciplines, has resulted in success in a number of diverse fields. Since I began my career I’ve always been fascinated by how people can work together, resulting in perpetual success, from creating strategy, tactics and programs which result in...

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About 6 weeks ago Guess who is not an early bird hound and still soundly asleep?  :D
About 4 weeks ago HAPPY CANADA DAY!  Thank you for this epic poem +Shane Koyczan !  It will always be a part of my Canada Day. 

WE ARE MORE by +Shane Koyczan

When defining Canada
 you might list some statistics
 you might mention our tallest building
 or biggest lake
 you might shake a tree in the fall
 and call a red leaf Canada
 you might rattle off some celebrities
 might mention that we’ve got a few
 barenaked ladiesor that we made these crazy things
 like zippers
 electric cars
 and washing machines

When defining Canada
 it seems the world’s anthem has been
 been there done that
 and maybe that’s where we used to be at
 it’s true
 we’ve done and we’ve been
 we’ve seen all the great themes get swallowed up by the machine
 and turned into theme parks
 but when defining Canada
 don’t forget to mention that we have set sparks

We are not just fishing stories
 about t
About 6 weeks ago HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!

In a family of three girls, I was the designated boy. It may have been because I was extremely active and headstrong, but being the image of my dad, albeit a female version, had something to do with it.

Let me tell you a few things about him… he was a son of a pastor. His very early childhood was interrupted by the loss of his mother. His later childhood was interrupted by WWII. At age 12 when most kids would still be playing with toys, he cleared virgin jungle land, learned how to farm and produced the food that sustained his family and others around them during the horrific time under Japanese Occupation. This allowed his father the time to minister to the great needs of many church communities. The harrowing stories he can tell of his adventures from this era…

At school he excelled in all sports, was well liked for his humour and being a really nice person. Being bigger than most, he made sure no one was bullied. When he finished high school he won a
About 4 weeks ago Happy Birthday Google+!

Google+ was launched 28.6.2011.

Happy Birthday Party Hangout on Air today:

I'll publish a new blog post later, too.  Then you'll see what was the first ever Public post on Google+ and we'll take a look back to the beginning...

About 12 weeks ago Cherry trees continue to bloom in Vancouver... (30 April 2014)
About 3 weeks ago Monkey #1 and monkey#2 charging their batteries before the next round of mad play. A/k/a Zachary and his sister Zoe.

+Heidi Anne Morris. :)

About 12 weeks ago Guess what you are looking at? :D

+Richard Pattee guessed within 5 minutes!   This is Zachary enjoying the scrumptious wild asparagus in our local dogpark this rainy day.    There are two big clumps of this plant that continue to survive the rough and tumble of this popular dogpark.  Every spring these tender shoots emerge.  Some survive the attention of the woofers to evolve into large airy fern type bushes throughout summer.

About 3 weeks ago This is Sam the wild bunny catching (and releasing) Giant Doodle, one of Zachary's best friends...

+Heidi Anne Morris :)           #tongueouttuesday

About 10 weeks ago Zachary, Lenny, Sam and Ozzie taking a quick treat break from Friday night backyard pack zooming... :o) :o) :o) :o) 
About 10 weeks ago The FCC  (Federal Communications Commission ) is proposing rules that would allow ISPs (internet service providers) like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to pick and choose your internet plan, what you do have access to and what you do not.

How does it work now: if you have an internet connection – you have access to all of the internet, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you have internet access you have access to it all, free and paid. You have a choice to what you see and what you don’t. 

How it will work if this bill passes: your ISP will be able to give you different access plans to what you are able to see, which websites will be served and which ones you won’t have access to. More than that, this bill will also make it possible for your ISP to charge the website owners for making their websites available within their network. It will open a door to all kinds of abuse… because MONEY. It’ll start slowly, by reducing the load speeds and degrading the quality, but It’ll happen.