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Hello, and welcome to my Google + Profile.My name is Su Ann Lim.  Until recently I was the President of the TekPersona Corporation, where we specialized in helping organizations and individuals maximize their ability to do business through effective and positive Corporate Branding, the judicious use of Information Technology, sound Social Media Marketing Strategies & Media Training & Best Practices. Unfortunately, TekPersona is in transition due to the death of its sole proprietor.  I will provide an update to my circumstances soon.About me:I’ve been an successful entrepreneur, but I’ve also been successful in the corporate world, and the Public Sector in British Columbia government.  I am a marketer by trade, and that, combined with wide breadth of other disciplines, has resulted in success in a number of diverse fields. Since I began my career I’ve always been fascinated by how people can work together, resulting in perpetual success, from creating strategy, tactics and programs which result in...

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About 2 weeks ago #showyoursummer     Happy Saturday everyone!
Back  to +Ron Serina 's Force the Issue campaign to enjoy summer NOW.  Deets here -> 

Below:  the ultra fragrant continuously blooming rose is one I'm most eager to welcome back to my garden each summer.  :D

About 11 weeks ago Zachary:
"I'm 16 weeks old today.  No bad, huh?  I'm more than twice the size as when I first arrived home.  I'm not going to give you a smile 'cause I'm missing some of my baby teeth which have fallen out with no replacements in sight!  

I'm a Dog Park veteran now.  Last Sunday was my first visit but I've been there at least once a day since.  I luv, luv, luv it there!  Can't figure out why humans squeal at me, but they are so friendly I can't resist giving them flat ears and  butt wiggles.  Most of the woofers are great too, but I've discovered I need to be careful with the few grumpy ones.  These sometimes roll me in the dirt but on Wednesday one of the party poopers bit me!!! It happened so quickly I froze.  Ain't going to happen again.  My sis Zoe and I are practising ferocious growling and being faster with our dukes.  But no biggie, I've healed already.  

Hope you're having a fun Saturday.  I am!  Maybe I'll get to
About 11 weeks ago Good night all!  It's time for this part of the world.   :D

P.S. In case you're wondering, Zachary is still very much a baby woofer at his current weight of ~25 pounds.  His adult weight is anticipated to be between 60 to 70 pounds.

About 8 weeks ago Good night!  Zachary and sister Zoe demonstrate blissful zzzzzs...

Oh yes, the normally alpha Zachary always concedes to (barely) older sister Zoe's dominance when not in public.  Respecting hierarchy is a big deal with woofers.  :o)

photo credit:  +hilary burrell (Zoe's Human)

About 9 weeks ago Zachary and sister Zoe's first visit to the Dog Park together.  

"Hahahaha...  you won't believe what we can get away with when there's two of us!"

"They love us... they really love us."

Photo credit:  +hilary burrell <3 

About 6 weeks ago Giggles

No idea if this is shopped, I'd run like mad!! Moose are huge!!!

Via: Meanwhile in Canada
#giggles #canada #canadian  

About 13 weeks ago Soundwave Jewelry


About 3 weeks ago High five!  Zachary's breeder sez he's not going to be a big woofer... But, his 5.5 month old paw is nearly the size of my palm...
what do you think? :D
About 7 weeks ago Sorry folks, it's just not yet time for an outdoor  picnic!  

Aside:  this is more evidence  we southern Left Coasties (in Canada) encounter Winter from time to time too. 

About 4 weeks ago Hungry anyone?  Moules et frites Vancouver style...