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About 3 days ago Never ask me what I like... bcos my taste is so often diferent and always oposit what most of people like. I simply can't be the ONE who say, what could be succesful...

Paradoxical I am able to choose what could be viewed (I have the big streams... more than million people follow my pages)

hmhmm... yeah... well I am happy I have statistics and modern ways how to see what people like... bcos when I will create and support and promote what I like, people will hate me more than they hate me now :DD check out my vlog & subscribe =>

About 12 weeks ago Apple v. Samsung 2014 infringed devices scorecard
Apple claimed that 10 of Samsung's phones and tablets infringed on five of its patents:

Patent No. '172: covers predictive text.
Patent No. '414: involves background syncing activity, such as syncing calendars, email, and contacts.
Patent No. '647: covers "quick links," which can auto-detect data in messages that can then be clicked.
Patent No. '721: covers slide-to-unlock, the motion used to unlock the home screen.
Patent No. '959: covers universal search, such as what Apple uses in Siri.

About 12 weeks ago 9 Do-it-Yourself Home Decor Hacks You Have to Try

#DIY #Home #Decor

About 6 weeks ago
About 1 week ago Doesn't metter if it was shooten by Russians or Ukraines... true is just one... we know nothing, and we are in middle of media war...
About 11 weeks ago 15 Photos That Will Leave You Speechless
About 6 weeks ago 11 Mind Blowing Location You Won't Believe Are Really on Earth
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About 6 weeks ago This Is A Moment That Would Make Your Heart Stop. Watch What This Cheetah Does.