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Food is Social: Your G+ Go-To Chef

I joined Google Plus back in July, with no expectations of well...anything. I had just started a blog, and thought this along with twitter would be a good way to market it. 
I got so much more than that. 
I found opportunity, knowledge, growth, and community. I found people that loved food as much as (maybe more than) I do. I've been learning about social media, started writing for a new media blog, Media Tapper, and got to hangout with some cool people. 
So in this awesome experience so far, I know there is more to come, and more to see. And I can't wait. 
I am an Online Culinary Instructor for, a professional chef of 15 years, a cookbook author, and I have a catering business. 
I hope you enjoy my posts, they are mostly about food, but in addition I like the following: 
HumorTechBusiness/EntrepreneurialPhotography - (esp. food, for those with more discretion)Sports - anyBeer, Wine, Spirits 
And that's about it. Pleas

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About 9 weeks ago Cucumber Tomato Salad

w/ lemon zest, lemon juice, fresh dill, red onion, cider vinegar and olive oil. a bit of sea salt

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This is how happy I am! 

About 2 weeks ago +The Saucy Pig Cookbook promotion has started!

Link here:    Only --> $.99!!! 

Pictured below: Rum Glazed Shrimp Skewers

That is 84% off of the regular price of $5.99! That only lasts for 33 hours, and the price goes up a dollar, and does so every 33 hours until April 14th it returns to full price. 

What will you get for this tremendous deal? 
- Over 45 original recipes
- Every recipe comes with a high-res photo
- Directions are numbered for easy reading
- Every recipe features either bacon or booze, or both as an ingredient!
- Sides, appetizers, and main courses galore!
- Free to borrow via Amazon Prime!

I'm hoping with this promotion to reach a bunch of people and help them cook delicious food, and I could use your help! Please get a copy, gift one, or borrow it from Prime. 

Happy cooking!

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