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Mohamed Mansour

Software Engineer at Microsoft

My views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my current or former employers. Instagram:
I am Lebanese Canadian, born and raised in Canada, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area working at Microsoft.  At Microsoft, I am a Software Engineer at Bing. During the day I write a lot of JavaScript and develop new Social User Experiences at Bing Social. As well, I am deeply involved in the Innovation team where we are a bunch of hackers creating cool social experiences in Microsoft using our Bing Platform. Finally, I contribute to many internal special project tools to help innovate very rapidly.
 At home, when I code, I attend many local hackathons, I write free software, contribute to many open source software projects, such as Google Chrome (2008-2011), hundreds of browser extensions (Firefox / Chrome / Safari), maintained dozens of projects

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- Perfect Forward Secrecy so that each instant message sent is encrypted using a different encryption key.
- Deniability, so that the MAC keys that already have been used will not be used again.

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