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Syuzanna Avetisyan

I'm a quiet,modest girl...Will offence ? - Will softly bury , modestly celebrate ! ;) simple, resourceful !!! Ambassador of Armenia !Authoring PageWeb-promoting

I'm not too free in G+ !Curator of HQSPPromotion theme by Rinus BakkerMain curator of HQSPWinners pageMain curator of HQSP Art page Curator of HDR Photographers official theme in G+ with Jason Mayescurator of Circles page in G+Curator of Waterscape Art Wednesday theme 
I'm an Artist....Writing,painting,singing,dancing,and have special passion about photography ! 
If you need to see something beautiful , something interesting or just look something then you're in right place !!! :))))))) You can stay ! I'll be nice to meet you , ... I am sharing everything what I like, everything what I want, and Everything what in my interest .... 
Always looking at anything what you share with me ! So You're always welcome ...

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About 11 weeks ago Let start this new day with amazing prayer!

I Am, Father, Jesus Christ,
  King of Kings, God the Highest;
Remember me, 
  when I don't remember you.
Speak through me,
  that I might speak for you.
Walk with me,
  let me never stray from you.
Touch my heart and guide my will,
  in everything I do.
Lay your blessing upon those I love,
  and on me who is your son.
Pour your spirit into me,
  and through me to everyone.

Author of prayer  +Jaysen Edgin  ( Special thanks)
Photographed by Swedish photographer +Göran Strand  -> respect for all wonderful scens ! Amazing work!

So, we need to be thankful sometimes, for everything we have... And fot this new day my dear friends! 
I wish you all have a wonderful, sunny day :)))))