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Geoffrey Dunn

Canberra based photographer and spatial scientist. Specialising in natural light portraiture and art documentation ... though not always in that order.

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About 13 weeks ago Who's peeking at whom?

For #macromonday  hosted by +Sandra Parlow and +Jeff Moreau with a mini-theme this week of 'Peeking' ... well, it's kinda peeking ... I mean I was and it was right back ... peeking that is ;-)

#macro   #daisy   #flower   #hoverfly   #sexyfly  

D700 | 105mm Macro

About 6 weeks ago Sometimes she felt the walls slowly moving...
About 8 weeks ago Haven't shared my Drops 1 album in a wee while. This one's kinda for my new followers... Enjoy :-) 
About 9 weeks ago #wordlessonwednesday   #wordlesswednesday   #wordless  
About 12 weeks ago There was a time when everything was clear
About 8 weeks ago #wordlessonwednesday
About 8 weeks ago Girls just wanna have fun

A photo from a couple of years ago. This one was chosen by a UK greeting card company to adorn one of their boutique cards and ended up selling 15,000 copies in the UK and the US ... it remains my most commercially productive photograph ... just thought I'd share. It was taken at a birthday party and was one of those pictures that simply appear in front of you :-)

About 8 weeks ago Sometimes that's just the way of it...
About 5 weeks ago Foggy Morning, Dunrossil Drive

My submission for PlusOne Collection III curated by +Ivan Makarov 
A picture taken a little while ago on a very cold foggy morning looking down Dunrossil Drive toward the Governor-General's residence here in Canberra ... one of my better photos :-)


About 7 weeks ago A male Gang-gang Cockatoo, Callocephalon fimbriatum, in the tree outside my kitchen window yesterday afternoon. Every year about this time the tree produces bunches of seedy fruits (not the kind that hang around down at the shops ;-) ) which are colloquially referred to as 'Cocky Crack' for their addictiveness to cockatoos, corellas and rosellas - all of which come to these trees in droves each afternoon :-)

#CBR   #ganggang   #cockatoo