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Recent Popular Posts
About 7 weeks ago Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Google Educator Groups (GEG),  a program supporting communities of educators who learn, share, and inspire each other to meet the needs of their students through technology solutions, both in the classroom and beyond. GEG empowers educators around the world to expand their social and professional networks, and gain skills to deliver the best possible education through open technology. 

GEG takes place both online and offline, and provides a space for educators to build relationships, collaborate, and learn through Google+ communities and hangouts or in-person events and workshops. Whether you’re a teacher, professor, or principal, anyone is welcome to join GEG to learn. Each group is organized by a local volunteer (GEG leader) and is entirely independent from Google. 

Interested in joining a GEG or starting a new one? Check out the website at to learn more, spread the word, and get involved. See you in GEG!
About 12 weeks ago Graduated with my +Google Glass!!!! Let's go! #GoogleStudents2014Grads 
About 5 weeks ago For our third installation of Google #interninsights , meet Marieh Scales, a BOLD intern on the People Operations team in Mountain View, CA.

Marieh discusses her internship in PeopleDev, why she enjoys working with her team and her love of dance:


About 1 week ago  
From Google Glass to Project Loon, Adwords to Docs, our #googleinterns  have the opportunity to work on some of Google’s most cutting edge and innovative projects.

For today's #interninsights , meet Fiona, a User Experience Design intern working in our Mountain View office: 

About 13 weeks ago In honor of our 2014 college graduates, we'd like to feature you on our Google Students Page. 

Upload a photo in your graduation cap with the hashtag #googlestudents2014grads  and we’ll share your celebration. Here's an example of a submission from +Ryan Warner last year. 


About 5 days ago Our interns have the opportunity to work on some of Google’s most cutting edge and innovative projects - not only in engineering, but across sales and other business functions, bringing a fresh perspective to the work done at Google. To show you just how much of an impact interns make and to highlight their unique experiences, we’re bringing you a special blog series: Google Intern Insights.

For today's post, meet Dyanna Salcedo, an MBA intern on the Small and Medium Business Solutions team:

#interninsights   #googleinterns  

About 10 weeks ago Congratulations to this year’s Google Lime and SVA Scholars!

We are excited to announce this year’s scholarship recipients from the Google Lime Scholarship (in partnership with Lime Connect) and Google SVA Scholarship (in partnership with Student Veterans of America). 

Learn more in today's blog post:

About 16 hours ago Welcoming our 2014-2015 class of US Google Student Ambassadors in Mountain View this week. Go #usagsa !
About 6 weeks ago Day 16 #Google internship #selfie at Google's bowling alley with fellow MBA interns! #nooglerselfie Fun fact: in the wonderland that #Googleplex is, there is a fully equipped multiple lane bowling alley for googlers to enjoy any time any day! #googleyness #googlemarketing #googleinterns #bowling #playground #fun
About 19 hours ago Google European Android Camp 2014 has kicked off in London! We have a week full of activities which started with a welcome reception on Sunday to give our Campers a chance to get to know one another. 

You can get to know our Campers throughout the week as well. We’ll be sharing their first-hand stories each day this week to give you a glimpse into some of the exciting events happening here on the ground, starting with some first impressions from Anna:

“2 a.m., St. Petersburg, Russia. Alarm rings. I'm so excited , I didn't sleep at all. Time to go! Pulkovo airport, Vienna, and finally….London Heathrow. Android Camp promises to be the most exciting week ever. The first day was amazing -- I met my roommate in the morning, walked around town and attended the Camp’s welcome dinner. It was really great to meet the other campers and organizers -- we are all so different but similar at the same time. Some of us like to dance while others enjoy tennis. Some enjoy wine, play musical instru