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Google Plus Science Lab

Stand back, we're going to do science.

We've decided to get a page going and encourage people to come together and start doing science, in hangout, on their streams. We'd like this page to be a collaborative effort to share material from many different sciences. 
Nathan Pieplow, M Monica, Di Cleverly, and Liz Krane founded this page and are looking to get others involved in spreading science. If you're interested, please contact one of them and ask about how you can get involved. 

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About 12 weeks ago Whatever Happened To "Don't Be Evil?

Google Has Joined ALEC, A Lobbying Organization Which Supports

- Stand Your Ground Laws
- Voter ID Disenfranchisement
- Expanding Private Prisons 
- Fighting Renewable Energy While Favoring Oil and Gas, Including Supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline
- Anti Gay Rights
- Right To Work Laws In Multiple States
- Opposing Various Attempts At Healthcare Reforms

Late last year, Google quietly joined ALEC, the organization behind lobbying for Voter identification laws in many states, "Right To Work" laws in others, and "Stand Your Ground" laws in many more. (If you're not familiar with "Stand Your Ground", it's the law that enabled  George Zimmerman, to  walk free after shooting black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida, last year.)  ALEC was also behind Arizona's "papers please" anti-immigration law from 2010. It gave Arizona police broad power to detain anyon