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Ryan Crowe

Google+ User Experience Enthusiast and Social Media professional.

Google+ User Experience Enthusiast

Well hello, I'm Ryan Crowe <--this is my LinkedIn profile!

I'm a social media director at an ad agency in St. Louis, active social media blogger, and I also speak (and am available to speak) about social media at online conferences, and also offline conferences!

In addition to my ad agency work, I also am the Director of Social Strategy at LittleBigFund - and I sit on the Board of Directors!

You might enjoy following me if you enjoy conversation about social media, the St. Louis Cardinals, or random nerdy things. If you're wondering why so many people have me in their circles it's because I like to help people out using G+, and I started doing it pretty early! People like the help so much that this stuff happened:

Top 5 People to Follow on Google+ by Google+ users. Best Google+ Users to Have Followed in 2011 by G+ users. and added to Google's official Suggested User List (US)While my public posts are usually about n

Ranked: 23rd in Single Users (by Followers)

Ranked: 99th in California Most Engaging This Month (by Engagement)

Ranked: 114th in California Users (by Followers)

Ranked: 191st in California Most Engaging This Month (by Average Reach)

Ranked: 251st in United States Most Engaging This Month (by Engagement)

Ranked: 279th in United States Users (by Followers)

Ranked: 510th in English Users (by Followers)

Ranked: 523rd in United States Most Engaging This Month (by Average Reach)

Ranked: 526th in California Users (by Following)

Ranked: 616th in Users (by Followers)

Ranked: 874th in California Most Engaging This Month (by Shares)

Ranked: 1351st in California Most Engaging This Month (by Total Reach)

Ranked: 1377th in California Most Engaging This Month (by Comments)

Ranked: 1444th in English Most Engaging This Month (by Engagement)

Ranked: 2126th in Single Users (by Following)

Ranked: 2799th in United States Users (by Following)

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About 12 weeks ago Secret Computer Monitor

You're kidding me! Who knows of a 24hr electronics store in Southern California?! I'm off to make this right now! 

And that's one more reason to wear my aviators indoors. Double-win. 

Via Reddit user adityapstar:

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About 1 week ago The Biggest Compilation [640] Of Google Plus Tips Ever Shared Publicly!
This has been a really time consuming (curated) blog post, but at the end of the day -- it was worth it to create such a piece.

Each one of you whom I've mentioned below has made this massive list of Google Plus Tips possible. Without you -- this list would have never been created.

Sharing is caring!

After viewing the list of Google+ Tips -- Please help me to spread the word about this awesome (HUGE) list of Google+ Tips, by sharing it with your friends here on Google+!.

Some of you, well.. a lot of you will find your name as an author, of a shared post, within this share.

These Google Plus Tips met the requirements and quality standards of making this list. This list contains only the best Google+ Tips (shares) ever made publicly.

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About 10 weeks ago Are You Really Building Trust with Social Media?
"You probably don't know how trust works."

Thanks to my wonderful +Social Media Hangout amigos, I was able to put into words what I haven't been able to put into words. My issue with the word 'trust' as it relates to building it via social media channels has been a long-standing thorn in my paw. Then, +David Amerland , was able to highlight that the issue isn't the concept of trust, it's the process that leads to attaining trust. Check out the post to see what I was able to learn.

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #marketingonline  

About 13 weeks ago Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud and happy to show you our debut, self-titled EP! Check out our promo video and then head over to to take a listen. And PLEASE please share! Let's get some folks looking at this. 

Free downloads for this week only! So go ahead, you sexy bastards. Enjoy.

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