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Kevin Meredith

I take photos, Teach other people how to take photos and Write about taking photos.

I am not what most people would consider to be an average photographer. Armed with a selection of compact film cameras, I never leave home without one and I am always ready to capture anything that happens around me. I always have on going projects witch I am always adding weather it be my photographs of Brighton swimming club (, montage portraits ( or Festival Wellies photos on Flickr (

In October 2008 my first solo book Hot Shots ( was released in the UK, it sold out its UK and US print runs in under a year.  It is an instructional book for everyday people and is intended to help them sex up their photography, without being too bogged down in technical jargon. Since then I have written a 2nd book Photo Op (US title) / 52 Photographic Projects (UK title) ( This book goes more in depth in to 52 different photo graphic techniques. I have a passion for passing on my knowledge of photog

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Recent Popular Posts
About 11 weeks ago I took this on a Samsung Galaxy NX (an Android powered mirror less interchangeable lens camera) which I finally wrote a review last month you can read it on my on my blog here: (

Processed with VSCO for Lightroom. I love Lightroom, in fact I am a long time user and have written several tutorials on it's use check them on on my blog here: (href="

About 13 weeks ago Finally got round to writing a review of the Android powered Samsung Galaxy NX which is the first interchangeable lens camera to run Android. You can read my review here:  The Galaxy NX is a DSLR style camera (minus the mirror) that you can install all your favourite photo apps like Instagram, Flickr etc and it’s always connected to the net via WiFi/3G/4G. My Instagram ( has pretty much all been shot on this camera since Nov 2013. This also means that for every photo on my Instagram I also have as a high res RAW file so I get the best of both worlds, posting in the moment and extremely high quality photos. Take a look at this Flickr set to see more images taken with the camera:
About 12 weeks ago This week I was surprised to found out that Amateur Photographer magazine is 130 years old this week. I just assumed it was an 70s thing. Check out the cover of the first edition:
About 2 weeks ago Check out the latest edition of Hungry Eye magazine (issue 3 volume 2). There is a little feature about my montage portraits and a documentary call Analogue Tribes about film photography that I feature in. You can see / read more about the film and my montage portraits on my blog here:
About 12 weeks ago For the next 3 days (till the 29th of April) Moo is offering a 25% discount, if you have been meaning to get some business cards now is the time: I've been using Moo for my for my business cards for years. Minimum order of business cards is 50 and you can have a different image on each, it’s great because when you offer someone a card you can get them to pick which means they get a little overview of your work just by picked a business.
About 10 weeks ago It’s Brighton Open House time again and there is simply an overwhelming number of exhibitions to see. In this little blog post I Highlight 4 Photo related shows I think you should see before the festival ends:
About 8 weeks ago This is part of an exhibition currently on show at the Brighton University Gallery as part of the Brighton Festival. It’s only on show till sunday May the 25th so only one more weekend to see it. Also worth taking a look at whats on at the Old Municipal Market as well:

On the subject o the festival it's also the open house festival, this is the 2nd year I have not taken part but I have been to look at few photo related open houses which you can read about on my blog here:

I took this on a Samsung Galaxy NX (an Android powered mirror less interchangeable lens camera) which I finally wrote a review for last month:

About 6 weeks ago PhotoAnton ( shot a documentary on my montage portraits as part of serious of short documentaries called 'Analogue Tribes'. You can read more about it and see the montage portraits I shot during filming here:

In case you did not know I have tumblr blog just for my fragmented portraits:

About 7 weeks ago
I took these while PhotoAnton ( was shooting a documentary on my montage portraits as part of serious of short documentaries called 'Analogue Tribes'. You can read more about it, watch the movie and see the rest of the portraits that I shot while PhotoAnton filmed me on my website here:

You can see more of my montage portraits on Tumblr blog here:

About 9 weeks ago Brighton Festival is in full swing quite literally which also means it's open house festival time. If you want to know what my open house recommendations are check them out here:

The above artwork is "Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2" is an art work by William Forsythe which is currently on show as part of the Brighton Festival 2014. It's at the old municipal market till Sunday the 25th of May. Get more details on the Festival website here: