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Andy Stuart

Photography wannabe, I will shoot almost anything - Husband, Father of 4, Rugby Coach.

Behind the Lens - Photo Critique
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Based in Scotland,  I'm working towards being a full time photographer. 
I like networking with other photographers for knowledge sharing and in general hanging out. 
My photographic passions are mainly Nature  and  Landscape photography, but I shoot a number of genres. 
I work primarily within the Aberdeenshire and Moray area, although I also visit North Northumberland regularly.
Currently unable to work full time due to Ill health. :-(
I have been on G+ since August 2011. during which time I have learned a lot and have started to share my knowledge and experiences.  I can frequently be found in hangouts, with photographic and social themes.  Hopefully you will enjoy something I have to offer.
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If your interested in Photog

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I hope that we will join you by taking our place on the world stage as an Independent country.

I'll be back on G+ in September, I'm busy campaigning as there are only 76 days left to secure a YES vote so that we can celebrate our own Independence Day in 2016.

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