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Andy Stuart

Photography wannabe, I will shoot almost anything - Husband, Father of 4, Rugby Coach.

Behind the Lens - Photo Critique
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Based in Scotland,  I'm working towards being a full time photographer. 
I like networking with other photographers for knowledge sharing and in general hanging out. 
My photographic passions are mainly Nature  and  Landscape photography, but I shoot a number of genres. 
I work primarily within the Aberdeenshire and Moray area, although I also visit North Northumberland regularly.
Currently unable to work full time due to Ill health. :-(
I have been on G+ since August 2011. during which time I have learned a lot and have started to share my knowledge and experiences.  I can frequently be found in hangouts, with photographic and social themes.  Hopefully you will enjoy something I have to offer.
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About 7 weeks ago Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) 

This female Sparrowhawk paid me a visit the other day and that gave me a chance to get some great shots of this small raptor.  

They are diurnal hunters and is quite secretive although it is the raptor most likely to be seen in towns and villages. She was drawn to our village for a wee House Sparrow snackette at the numerous bird feeders and table throughout the village.  A truly magnificent sight that provided me with a very enjoyable afternoon watching and shooting her.

The female is up to 25% larger than the male, the largest difference in any bird, and is thought to be because smaller males are more agile, so better hunters of birds, which they eat almost exclusively. 

The Sparrowhawk has broad, rounded wings and a longish banded tail for manoeuvrability. The smaller male is blue-grey to slate above with reddish barring on body and wing coverts. The female is grey-brown above with brown barring below. She has a pale stripe above th
About 12 weeks ago Nature in the Raw
The winter storms in the UK this year have been well documented.  What has not been documented however is the effect these storms have had on our wildlife.  Here a Great Black-Backed Gull (Larus marinus) and two Carrion Crows (Corvus corone) are feeding on the carcase of a Grey Seal pup, which was probably washed off the rocks from the nearby Farne Islands Seal Colony, before being deposited on the shores of Lindisfarne.  Carrion Crows are scavengers of carrion not raptors, although the Great Black-Backed Gull could kill a Grey Seal pup, but they tend to be more opportunistic than predatory. 

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About 6 weeks ago Tufted Duck Ducklings
Aythya fuligula
I was taken by these cute ducklings scrambling over stones almost as big as they are and how the lead duckling appears to be in conversation with it's sibling.
The adult male is all black except for white flanks and a blue-grey bill. It has an obvious head tuft that gives the species its name. The adult female is brown with paler flanks, and is more easily confused with other diving ducks. In particular, some have white around the bill base which resembles the Scaup species, although the white is never as extensive as in those ducks.

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About 7 weeks ago Aurora Borealis
We had an amazing display on the 27/28 February, unfortunately I missed the best of the show and I made just about every rookie mistake in the book.  Not having the quick release plate attached to my camera meant I left it at home so I had to use a fence post rather than a tripod.  In addition to which I didn't take a torch which I usually use to aid with focusing so the shots I got were not of a standard I could be happy with.  However rather than waste the time and the images I figured that I could try out this motion feature on G+.  Here is the result of a ten shot sequence and I think the result is quite good, what do you think?

#auroraborealis   #auroraborealisphotography   #aurora   #northernlights   #photography   #photographytips   #scotland   #aberdeenshire   #motionphotography   #motion   #skyphotography   #nightphotography   #nightscapes   #naturephotography   #nature   #scotlandphotography   #scotlanduk   #auroraphotography  
About 11 weeks ago Lindisfarne Castle
Taken during our Christmas break in Northumberland.  Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island which is  accessible from the mainland at low tide by means of a causeway.  The castle was built in 1550, around the time that nearby Lindisfarne Priory went out of use, and stones from the priory were used as building material. It is very small by the usual standards, and was more of a fort. The castle sits on the highest point of the island, a whinstone hill called Beblowe.  

In 1901, it became the property of Edward Hudson, a publishing magnate and the owner of Country Life magazine. He had it refurbished in the Arts and Crafts style by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It is said that Hudson and the architect came across the building while touring Northumberland and climbed over the wall to explore inside.

The walled garden, which had originally been the garrison's vegetable plot, was designed by Lutyens' long-time friend and collaborator, Gertrude Jekyll between 1906 and 1912. It
About 7 weeks ago Aurora
Sadly my best shot  :-(
About 3 weeks ago My Son and I
These shots were Not taken by me.   They were taken by the mother of one of the players of the Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils Rugby Club U18 team for which Robbie plays and I'm assistant coach. 

#rugbyunion   #rugby   #scotland   #aberdeen   #u18  

About 8 weeks ago Alex Salmond - First Minister of Scotland

These images were taken at the First Minister's address to Business Leaders in Aberdeen, where he rebuked the comments made by José Manuel Durão Barroso (President of the Commission of the European Union) and George Osborne (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer).  Barroso had intervened in the debate on Scottish Independence with a flippant, unchallenged, through away comment in an interview on British Television.  He suggested that it would be difficult, nearly impossible for an Independent Scotland to join the EU.  In a strange peace of politicking Barroso appears to be ignorant of the facts regarding Scotland's status as a country within a Union (the UK) which itself is in a Union (the EU), but even more bizarrely he did not understand the implications of the EU's own treaties.  Scotland as part of the UK is already a member of the EU and have been for 41 years, so it would be a strange state of affairs where by they would somehow expel 5 million c
About 7 weeks ago I normally leave my political posts for Facebook but this was such an incredible event and I wondered what other people from the four corners of G+ thought.

During a televised debate between Nicola Sturgeon (Deputy First Minister of Scotland & Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party) and Johann Lamont (Leader of the Opposition & Leader of the Scottish Labour Party) on Scottish Independence.  Nicola arguing for Scotland becoming an Independent country and Johann arguing to stay within the UK.

Johann Lamont said

"We are not genetically programme in Scotland to make political decisions."

Honestly that is a direct quote.  

If Johann Lamont believes that Scots aren't genetically programmed to make political decisions.  Why is she in politics? Help her out

Answers on a post card to:
Scottish Labour
290 Bath Street, 
G2 4RE

About 7 weeks ago "We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions" Johann Lamont, That being the case why is she in politics?