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Former MySpace first friend, enjoying being retired :-)

I know some people are confused about my photographs here. I started taking photos in October 2011, and after a few months it became an all-consuming passion. Since then I've been constantly traveling and taking photos. :-) 

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About 12 weeks ago Spent a few days in Oregon and was amazed at the trees and diversity there. This is a tree native to Japan, but I've never seen one like this on my several visits to Japan. Go figure. Will definitely be spending a lot more time shooting in this incredible place! Go Oregon :) !
About 11 weeks ago A storybook moment out in Canyonlands, Utah. I gave this photo more of a painting-quality, it felt like such a timeless moment that day. This was my first visit to the park. It's an incredible place and I've returned once since then. I know I'll go again and again... so much to see here. Utah has some amazing scenery!
About 11 weeks ago Trying to stir things up a bit. Despite the number of films and TV shows that have been shot here, I couldn't find a composition that was interesting on its own in this beautiful spot (Alabama Hills / Lone Pine, CA). The sky was looking like it was gonna be good for sunset, so we decided to stir things up a bit. You Star Trek geeks might appreciate this location. Can any trekkies say what's been filmed here? Btw, for those who use 500px, please follow me there
About 11 weeks ago Manhattan Beach Pier, in California. I've been out here several times trying to get a good sky and photograph of the place. The sunsets are usually good in this location, but I'd never quite seen the "wow" moment I was looking for until a few days ago. Thank you mother nature :-) 

The funny thing is I was not out there planning to shoot. I just happened to be in the neighborhood picking up my "new" (its from 1984) "classic" (I'm not sure everyone would agree) Vanagon. To me its a very beachy car, and I happened to have the Beach Boys on the stereo driving right past the pier. Luckily I had my tripod and camera with me... All in all, it was a very summer-sy moment. :-) 

About 10 weeks ago I'm headed back to Beijing in a few weeks. I can't believe its been a year since I was last there. On our last trip we stopped by this crazy restaurant and took some photos. It was gigantic and empty, and I began wondering how the restaurant sustains itself... I'd actually been to the restaurant before and it was fairly empty too. I'm guessing if you rent one of the many rooms for your private party, they charge enough to keep the lights on from that single meal. Anyway, having it devoid of people really helps to set the mood. This place is just crazy inside. The interior was designed by non-other than Phillippe Starck.