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· about scribblegraph · [ gallery ]I'm an independent artist sharing my stuff on G+ simply because people enjoy it. 'scribblegraph' started as a few illustrations I did for my daughter, and grew as I rediscovered my passion for drawing silly things as a way of telling ludicrous stories. Incorporating photography with illustration is also something I enjoy, as a way to include texture and light, express emotion and give a greater depth to what are often very simple little scribbles.
The complete Love Is series is here!
· the scribblecrush project · [ gallery ]'scribblecrush' is a series of "by-request" anonymous love-note style scribbles, from one person to another. Yes, they are completely anonymous! They have been so much fun to do, and I'm very humbled by how much you are all enjoying them:)
· Requests ·If you would like more information about requesting a scribblegraph illustration, or to re

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About 13 weeks ago Birthday Boy & the Reluctant Rover

A very happy birthday to +Lacerant Plainer - from a secret admirer... and me!

» I received an email this week about Dr. Lacerant; a wonderful, gnarly old scientist who celebrates his birthday today. I’m told that many moons ago he had a dog, a dog he sent up into space in a rocket made entirely out of discarded tin cans. The rather ingenious (if haphazard) nature of his design meant that the pup actually made it to Mars (which it may well have colonised – Curiosity will reveal all in time) before the good Dr. Lacerant realised he had no way to extract information back from his venture. A few of Rover‘s brief barks, excited yips and mournful yowls were all he could decipher over the short wave.

It’s a wonder with this kind of willful carelessness and lack of forethought that dear old Dr. Lacerant has made it to this day in one piece; yet here he is, on the dark side of yet another annual milestone. I am but one
About 13 weeks ago »
I have a few lovely, very supportive fans who have been around forever - but +Jessica Marie has seriously gone next level. Check out her tattoo of this very early #scribblecrush  request (inlcudes links to the original post from way back in August 2012). The tattoo artist has done an amazing job to clean this up enough and make it look as good!

#tattoo   #scribblegraph