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· about scribblegraph · [ gallery ]I'm an independent artist sharing my stuff on G+ simply because people enjoy it. 'scribblegraph' started as a few illustrations I did for my daughter, and grew as I rediscovered my passion for drawing silly things as a way of telling ludicrous stories. Incorporating photography with illustration is also something I enjoy, as a way to include texture and light, express emotion and give a greater depth to what are often very simple little scribbles.
The complete Love Is series is here!
· the scribblecrush project · [ gallery ]'scribblecrush' is a series of "by-request" anonymous love-note style scribbles, from one person to another. Yes, they are completely anonymous! They have been so much fun to do, and I'm very humbled by how much you are all enjoying them:)
· Requests ·If you would like more information about requesting a scribblegraph illustration, or to re

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About 11 weeks ago · February ·
"February awaits quietly nearby, ready to dance and sing aloud. She brings something wonderful to me this year... love."

For +Yoon-Mi Kim · with love from a secret admirer ;)

#love   #scribblecrush

About 12 weeks ago "The idyllic country lifestyle"
And that's a wrap - all talent now off-set and enjoying  #AustraliaDay  bevvies and revelry. These images are being developed for a website that launches next month - exciting stuff :)

About 11 weeks ago I just need someone I can CONNECT with
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» (the scribblegraph RedBubble store)

Hoping to make a connection in a world utterly saturated with all-that-glitters seems a desperately futile task. Our attention span is becoming increasingly narrow, and the sheer amount of awesome required to truly impress people is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I pretty much entirely blame that stupid cinnamon challenge fad, but it’s a debate for another place and time. All I know is that finding someone wonderful to truly connect with is not impossible.

…Oh, a really great way to tell someone they’re super wonderful is to put them in this t-shirt. I highly recommend taking a laundry marker and writing a love-note to them on the back, then wrap it up in cellophane & send it in a box filled with those brightly coloured rubber bouncy balls kids get in vending machines. I bet that will get their attention (it worked for So
About 10 weeks ago ~ Happy Birthday Heather Fay! ~
♥ from me, the mice, all staff at the sandwich bar (they did a hat collection for the card), the Bastard Narwhal & his girlfriend the Kraken, Erwin (who picked the gift) & all your adoring fans here on Google+ ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~ we hope you have a wonderful day :)


About 11 weeks ago “Chronicles regarding The Macabre Foundry of Dr. Geoffrey P. Nutterbolt (robot) – spécialisés les questions de l’amour and (amateur) surgeon”
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Question: What are the two reasons you should NOT use to knock on my door? Very clear answers are given within this chronicle; in its entirety too extensive by 3 measures for this medium. I hope some extracted prose (below) may tempt you to continue reading it in full on my site!

"Inherent to the human condition is the inability to predetermine whom we will fall stupidly in love with. Us sapiens have written tome upon tome on the subjects of romance, dating, life companionship, compatibility, marriage, surviving divorce, finding someone new, how to choose authentic French linen in a world full of convincingly well-crafted knock-offs… and none of it gets anyone any closer to having an answer."

Available on cool stuff from my RedBubble store - please tell all the people
About 11 weeks ago · Love flows better with Artline ·
Extra stuff! »

When I manage to scratch out a few hours to scribble in between shifts at the sandwich bar, I rarely have any idea what is going to come out the other end. It is not unusual for me to sit down & just let stuff happen on the page. I have this image of all these drawings being trapped inside my pens and they just kind of… leak out when I take the lid off. Today I found the LoveBot mk.IV hidden away in an old 0.1 I left under my keyboard. He kind of just eeked out looking all frantic and frazzled, like he had something important to tell someone. Then the girl kind of just started soaking into the page, and it was pretty clear what his problem was. So I gave him a pen of his own so he could to write down what he was trying to say. He was in love – head-over-heels, stupid-look-on-your-face fall-over-your-own-feet in love.

…poor guy. I kind of know just how he feels. There’s a girl l
About 6 weeks ago Greedy Pigs · from the save-your-bacon dept.
More pigs! »

It was the best of thymes, it was the worst of thymes... so spake the greedy pigs!

Things have been interesting in scribble-land. First the good news: I've been illustrating for a website that has decided they like my work enough to have it plastered all over their homepage - pretty wonderful! And then on the flip side: one of my illustrations has been removed from my RedBubble store over a copyright claim. As an artist, I completely support this process; i'm just completely baffled by this one. The illustration Mara's Heart ( for my friend +Mara Mascaro has been pulled - by none other than Valve - no joke! Yes, the actual game developer. I have not seen their complaint yet, but RedBubble has actioned it & the process for copyright claim over my original illustration has begun. How absurd is that! A curse of a thousand rabid sea-urchins on their houses!
About 6 weeks ago "Le mantra de la souris" - The very short tail of François Begnaud du Moule (Noblesse d'épée) - a Parisian mouse in London.

Some moments in life are powerful beyond understanding. Perhaps only a brief moment in real-time, moons rise & fall many times and they stay with us. This is one of my moments.

Salut, François! Que votre fromage être jamais moisi!

» (short link)
#mouse   #scribblegraph

About 4 weeks ago the "Big Pig Rig" en route to London!

No, not me... but some of my artwork will be over there! Artline has a stand at the London Stationery Show, April 1st & 2nd (stand M709) and they will have a few scribbles on display. I sent the pigs over to help Grace get ready for the show. Grace is the Shachihata (EU) go-to for all things social. If you're in London, you should make time to pop in and say hello to her - she's super friendly, and I want to know what happens when people walk up to her and say hello from Ashlan in Australia. That would be swell! In fact if you do make it there, add me on Twitter and tweet me a photo of you with the Artline stand, and I'll mail you a print:)

All the info is in the link - and here's a short link to share with your friends in London:

illustraion: "Big Pig Rig" for Grace at Shachihata (EU)
About 4 weeks ago Piggy in the Middle

I'm having an awful time with my site at the moment - I think I've overloaded it with piggies and the mice have had enough. As such, I'm retiring to my sty for the night where I plan to sleep like a hog.

Oh, did you see the news? I'm a little bit excited:) If you're in London, you can win a signed print. OR: you could share this info with someone that's in London and win it together!

#scribblegraph   #pig