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Rackspace's startup liaison officer helps small teams have a huge impact with cloud computing technology.

As Startup Liaison for Rackspace, the Open Cloud Computing Company, Scoble travels the world looking for what's happening on the bleeding edge of technology for Rackspace's startup program. He's interviewed thousands of executives and technology innovators and reports what he learns in books ("The Age of Context," a book coauthored with Forbes author Shel Israel, has been released at ), YouTube, and many social media sites where he's followed by millions of people.
If you are looking to contact me, email is best: but my cell phone number is +1-425-205-1921.
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I'm a geek who grew up in Silicon Valley (my dad was an engineer at Lockheed) and since 1985 I've been building online communities. In 2000 I started my technology blog,, and my life has been on a rocketship ever since. In 2003-2006 I wo

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Recent Popular Posts
About 12 weeks ago Have you ever looked back at your Autoawesome photos on Google+?

Turns out if you upload five or more images of the same thing Google+ turns them into an animated GIF. Here's many of mine from the past six months of shooting. 

I think this is one of the coolest things Google+ has done and it still hasn't been matched by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other services. 

These features are what keeps me coming back here (and turning on automatic upload on the Google+ app -- have you done that yet?)

Make sure you click through and see all 49. Lots of fun!

About 10 weeks ago Tel Aviv is so glorious!

Here's some photos of former Citibank CTO +Yobie Benjamin as he sits on the top of The Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv. Which is where I'm staying the next few days (meeting with dozens of startups, giving three speeches this week). 

What a great city. By the way, I'm playing with a new Bluetooth-enabled flash, which is the bright thing Yobie is holding in his hand. More on that when it launches soon, but photographers like +Scott Jarvie, +Thomas Hawk , and +Trey Ratcliff are gonna love it for doing "pro style" photos with your phone. All these were shot with an iPhone. Low-cost LEDs that are wireless are going to change photography again. Come back in a couple of weeks to learn more about that. 

About 13 weeks ago My final set of Coachella photos. 

Thank you so much to for lending us a 200 mm F2.0 (which I used in most of these photos) and a 400 mm F2.8 too. 

Extra special thanks to JBL/Harman (they make many of the world's speakers) for bringing me to Coachella and putting us up in a nice hotel room. Plus getting us a photo pass (cameras aren't allowed at Coachella, so if we didn't get a photo pass, we would never be able to make these photos). 

Hope you enjoy. If you like these, check out +Thomas Hawk's photos. He has easily 10x more photos and better quality, too. I did learn some good stuff from him, but it's amazing when you shoot right next to a master photographer and then end up in his hotel room to watch how fast he processes photos (he brought a big Apple monitor down to Palm Desert to enable faster editing).

Great times and thanks to +Sam Levin for arranging everything. 

Don't miss my earlier photos from Coachell
About 10 weeks ago More Photos of the Parrot Bebop press event

I love drones. I can never get enough. Here's some more photos from the press event. Lots of news about this new drone is over on Google News at

About 12 weeks ago Exclusive: first look at Mercedes-Benz' new all-electric car. I got the first look, most of the press sees this next week.

It has a Tesla-made powertrain and battery and has a longer range than the new competitive BMW i3 (the Mercedes Benz goes 120 miles on a charge).

It also has more safety features than BMW, listen along in this first look.

More coming from my visit to Mercedes' R&D lab in Silicon Valley. All sorts of fun things are being developed there, really amazing place.

About 3 weeks ago Happy Birthday to YOU Google Plus and Friends

+Google+ is celebrating the third year of existence today. I was one of the proud people to get that golden ticket back in the invite only beta days. Guess it helped I was an orkut user and an active Buzz user.

Then one day I got this message in my inbox "The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you're not able to access Google+, please check back again soon."

I, like many, left G+ for a few months due to personal reasons, then returned and kept on engaging with new people on a regular basis.

On my return, I found that the conversations were still happening, Hangouts were maturing and the posts that people were making had developed into helpful, insightful and deep conversations.

Then about 2 years ago, things kicked into high gear for me, I started a business around helping businesses with Google Plus and getting to know more and more people on
About 13 weeks ago +Robert Scoble in action! -- Coachella 2014 -- Indio, CA

Check out all of my 2014 Coachella photos here:

#Coachella2014 #Coachella #JBLLife

About 13 weeks ago And Then

Last month, my wife's uncle died in a tragic accident in LA when the bicycle he was using to get lunch was hit by a truck. At the memorial service his daughter relayed a very touching story. 

She said her dad (who was her best friend) called every day to talk. But instead of opening the call with the customary "How are you" or "What's going on", her dad always opened the conversation with "And then?" Her father viewed each conversation as a continuation of the last, and what pained her the most was that there were to be no more "and thens". I cried. 

Since then I've thought a lot about how similar this is to our life's endeavors. We pour our heart and soul into our work and it becomes something we love and cherish. But even the challenges we work on today will one day become "and thens" as we move on to the next. 

Today I'm announcing my departure from Google after almost 8 years.
About 13 weeks ago How much will you suffer for fun and art?

Last night I wormed my way into the front of the Sahara tent at #Coachella   (this is the one that the media has noticed is getting the biggest crowds and taking a lot of attention away from other very-deserving acts) -- my son went to Foster the People, which I watched on YouTube last weekend, for instance, and they are awesome too but once into the front of the Sahara Tent you literally can't leave. It's that packed. My wife would HATE that experience. Her loss.

Almost everyone around me was about 20 years old. What the f**k is a 50-year-old fat dude doing here? I looked around and I couldn't see many other old dudes.

Skrillex. Fatboy Slim. Empire of the Sun. And more.

But what you don't see is the suffering.

The heat. The heavy equipment. The lack of sleep. The exhaustion of pushing your body to the limit. The mosh pits. 

At one point last night there was so much pressure to get into
About 10 weeks ago There is a new drone coming

Last week I attended the press conference where Parrot showed off its new "Bebop" drone. Read about it on Techcrunch:

What a camera! They didn't announce a price or give me one to play with, so the real review will have to wait for another day, but they took a much different approach than DJI did (if you saw my earlier report, you know that its latest drone has a three-axis gimbal which physically moves the camera around to steady it). 

What does the latest +Parrot AR.Drone do? A lot of advanced image processing inside the computer. The camera has a fisheye lens but the images it makes are only a piece of what the sensor sees. In watching it the video was very steady but they expect the price to be under $500 (the DJI is $1,399).

Parrot made it a LOT safer to use than the DJI (the blades are smaller, more flexible, and the thing turns