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Eric Lortie

Fusion powered. Monkey Operated. Ginger Hipster. Internaught Constructicator.

Hi there. Welcome to my profile. There was free coffee and complimentary cookies, but I ate them all.
If you're wondering where to put me, I'd probably fit in the following circles:
Web DesignTechnologyGeekCape BretonHalifaxMaritime ProvincesGamingComicsScience FictionStar Wars: The Old RepublicAtheist and Theist discussions.Politics

Born in Halifax, moved to Cape Breton in 2009 when my wife graduated from university and got a job here (Neither of us is from the region). I used the following 2 years to get a diploma in web development from NSCC and am now I build websites and junk. 
I like comic books and making laser noises while shooting things with my finger. I am owned by 2 cats. My wife and I like to hike and fly kites in our backyard, which always gets us weird looks. I am extremely outgoing, except for when I'm not, and I'm much less annoying than I appear at first glance.
9 out of 10 people who are me feel that I am awesome.

Nothing I say should be taken

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About 10 weeks ago Mario dies in the first level. Luigi dies in the third. Toad wins an emmy.


About 11 weeks ago Our species is fantastic and ridiculous and terrible and wonderful.
About 11 weeks ago This is an impactful piece of foreign reporting.
About 12 weeks ago I'm just going to full-on rock the whole #GingerCastro  thing for the rest of the year. Especially now that it's warm enough for cigars again.
About 11 weeks ago This quote coming out of the mouth of a nazi (And not just any nazi but Goering himself, and from Neuremberg), plays so perfectly to my biases against the type of people who advocate for war, it resonates so perfectly with my contempt for people who denounce pacifism as cowardice, that my initial reaction was to find something to refute it.

But I couldn't, because it's factually accurate.

About 2 weeks ago Used my smoker for the first time. Did two filets of applewood maple salmon, 2 racks of ribs and a whole container of bacon.

Would use thick-cut bacon next time. Everything else was awesome.

Next round will be various glazed tofu and vegetables, and I'm thinking of smoking some jalapenos to make chipotles.

About 8 weeks ago Killing Baxter will sort out the why the duckbilled platypus, or everything else, but not both. Your choice, kid.
About 11 weeks ago I hadn't argued with people online in a while. Today I've apparently done it a lot, though it should be noted that I've only responded to people who have argued with me, or tried to pick a fight with me.

I can't help but feel that it's all so stupid and pointless. People double- or triple-down on their nonsense without missing a beat, Now I'm having to speak multiple languages to deal with people who argue with me.

I've long since become disgusted with the whole "tens of thousands of followers" thing. I don't imagine how people with even more deal with it. I used to think more followers on G+ would result in even more discussions, and in the early days it sort of did. I like personally responding to people who take the time to respond to me, because I want to live in a world where people respond to my content, especially the discussion-fostering stuff, with something that actively engages me or challenges my viewpoints.

But now? The mo
About 11 weeks ago "The Woodduck And His Reflex" by Andre Villeneuve:

I shall call it: The Heated Flavour Box